Freeje for Android



Freeje for iPhone and iPad




Freeje supports the following call types :

1) SIP;

2) Callback ;

3) Callthrough;

4) GSM;

5) Auto.


SIP. Allows you to make outgoing calls via the internet or GSM. You can make and receive international calls without any roaming fees.

The distinctive feature of this type of call is the voice encryption. It is disabled by default, but you can activate it any moment to be sure that all your calls are protected.


Callback. The best type to use if you have poor internet connection. Here is how it works: you initiate a call to your contact via a remote callback number and  recipient and you will get an incoming call.


Callthrough. This type gives an opportunity to call via local phone number. It is very useful when you have a low internet connection.


GSM. Make calls using your SIM card.


Auto. Freeje automatically chooses type of call with the highest quality and the lowest price.


Note: Freeje for iOS supports only SIP, Callback and Auto types.