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Number for SMS - is a virtual phone number, which can be used for phone calls as well as for receiving SMS. The service "SMS Number" can be both disposable and reusable - i.e. you can purchase a service to receive 1 SMS or use it on a constant basis.

Take a note: Currently, the service "Disposable SMS" is only available in the user's Personal Account on our website, in the application, this service is not available. 



  • No georeference.

User can move to any point on the Globe and a virtual number the number will stay with him.

  • Guaranteed delivery.

No "dead letters". Thanks to virtual numbers don't use standard mobile networks a user will always receive a message.

  • Comfortable messages managing.


All messages that come to user SMS number could be redirected to e-mail or to any other mobile number. User will stay up to date with the latest news anywhere.



To find out costs for virtual number for SMS enabling, please visit the “Prices” page.