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The success of a business depends on the quality of advertising, the main purpose of which is to bring the number of its views closer to the number of customer calls. To do this, one needs to provide a continuous assessment of the conversion which enables instant identification of ineffective advertising.

An obligatory condition for such a system is the ability to solve the following tasks:

  • Identify how a person learned about the product.
  • Provide statistical information on the number of transitions for each promotion channel.
  • Flexible to switch from one analysis object to another, depending on the current need.

Having gathered all together, we get a virtual model of call-tracking.

Call-tracking solution by Freeje is aimed at providing your company with everything you need. The call-tracking tools are easily compiled, provide the necessary statistical data for efficient allocation of funds, increasing the client response to ongoing promotions.

Call-tracking services allow:

  • Identification of the traffic source that triggered the call.
  • Collecting the necessary statistics to estimate the conversion of advertising to calls.
  • Planning of knowingly profitable marketing campaigns on the basis of received data.
  • Expanding your influence to foreign markets through virtual DID numbers of other countries.

This business solution includes the following set of services: voice DID numbers, API for obtaining statistics, substitution of the number on the site according to the scenario.


Voice DID number

A virtual number assigned to a certain promotion channel. Allows you to track the source of the incoming call.

API for collecting statistics

Program interface for reading statistics. Provides access to call statistics for further processing.

Substitution of the number on the site

Substitution of the number that is assigned to the DID channel. Displays specific numbers depending on the traffic source, which makes it possible to compare sources with the data on conversions and choose the best one.