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You can find the next items in the “Settings” tab:


1). “My SIM-cards”. This item contains the list of your SIM cards that are registered in Freeje.

2). Call costs. This item activates call cost indicator that will be displayed on the dialer screen.

3). Quality feedback. If this item is marked, you can rate the call quality after the end of conversation.

4). Security. Freeje starts to encrypting your calls if this item is marked.

5). SIP always on. Activates SIP for incoming calls. It is FREE unlike GSM forwarding to your (or any other) phone number. Take a note: the mode requires high-speed internet connection.

6). Callthrough in a roaming zone. Callthrough can cause the extra charges when you will try to use it in a roaming. Freeje will make calls using callthrough automatically if this item is activated. In other case Freeje will ask what mode to use in a roaming zone.

7). Callback in a roaming zone. Freeje activates callback mode for all outgoing calls.

8). Autostart. Runs Freeje when the phone turns on.

9). Auto enable WiFi. Turns on WiFi when Freeje is active.

10). Auto enable GPRS. Turns on GPRS when Freeje is active

11). Test connection quality. If this item is marked, Freeje starts to gather information about user calls to improve the quality of its services.

12). Notification. It shows all important information like balance, calling types, costs and much more in notification bar.

13). Change language. Using this item you can select a preferable language. English, Russian, Spanish and Chinese are available

14). Default SIM card country calling code. Here you can choose a country code that will be shown in input line by default.

15). Current account. Here you can check you current account and logout.

16). Rate on market. This item launches Google Play and leave a feedback on Freeje app

15). Feedback. If you have any suggestions or propositions you can contact developers team using this button.

17). Privacy Policy. Here you can find the information about your and Freeje rights and duties.

18). About. This item contains information about current Freeje version and read Welcome text once again.


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