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If you want to greet your customers with respect without hiring an additional employee, voice response is the best receptionist you can try.

There are numerous ways in which a voice response strengthens your customer care and saves you money as well. Below are a few ways that a voice response service benefits your business and helps in improving your customer experience.


Some of you might think that a voice response is just a pre-recorded voice that is not personal at all. However, this is not true at all. You can record any sort of a message or personalized greeting that depicts your organizational values. The new and advanced systems also allow the customers to easily get their calls transferred to the appropriate departments easily by just dialing a number during the call.

No Chance of Errors

Humans cannot be perfect no matter how experienced or trained they are – there is always a chance of making a mistake. Receptionists have to receive hundreds of calls each day and there is a huge chance of errors. They may either drop a call or transfer it to the wrong place. However, with a voice response, the chances of errors are nullified.

Call Automation

Globally, the businesses are moving towards automation and adopting new ways to interact with their customers. Not only does it provide an opportunity for your business to grow but also a chance to integrate all the latest technologies in the business model to provide better customer services to the customers.

Increased Efficiency

The customers of this age don’t have time to wait. They always want instant results and better facilities. The reason why they always are in a rush is that firstly, the life has become too fast and secondly, there are other businesses ready to answer all their queries immediately. A voice response service is quick, efficient, and helps in increasing the efficiency of your staff. They don’t have to handle the calls initially but only answer those that are redirected to them and related to their department.

Better Answering Rate

When calls are redirected to the right authority, there are high chances that the issue is resolved on the first attempt. Thus, the customers end the calls with full satisfaction and they don’t have to look elsewhere in order to get their questions answered. It also helps in securing more sales leads and the conversion rate improves significantly as well.

Better Impression

Generally, the customers assume the size of the company on the quality of the customer services they are providing. Similarly, when the customers hear a voice response, they believe that the company is quite established and operates in a professional manner. Even if you are having less than 10 people in your company, the customers will believe it to be a huge enterprise.

These are a few ways voice response benefits your business. It is vital for you to use this sort of technology to achieve more productivity, provide better customer services, and gain more profits lately. With Freeje, you can get this service with just a few taps. Simply go the side menu bar of the Freeje mobile app and choose Support option. From this option, enable voice response and follow the steps as prompted. If you still have not, download the app today and see for yourself what Freeje has in store for you!


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