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If you are a newspaper reader or you browse the internet quite often, you may know that the number of scams at a personal level has almost doubled in the last couple of years and this is the reason why personal protection is more important than ever.

With a lot of scammers trying to get a hold of your personal information, it should be on the top of your priorities to use safeguards that protect your information from potential threats and thefts.

While a lot of people are concerned about protecting their personal information such as name or address, if you are running a business, you should be concerned about protecting that information as well. For people using a mobile phone as their primary source of contact, the best tool to protect your information is by using call forwarding services to a virtual phone number.  

It is not humanly possible to know who is calling you at your business number and this is where the problem lies. However, if you use a virtual phone number or a virtual sim, you can easily keep your calls separate without being worried about your information being stolen. Using call forwarding services, you can easily divert your calls to a virtual phone number. Even if you don’t want to use call forwarding services, a virtual phone number will be useful in a number of ways for both personal and professional usage.

Benefits of a Virtual Phone Number

We have compiled a number of benefits of using a virtual phone number. Read on to know more in detail about them.

No Reverse Lookups

If you are using a dedicated phone line or a network phone, there are a lot of online tools available using which scammers can easily trace your personal or professional information. This puts your security to a serious threat. However, with a virtual phone number, this scenario is totally different. A virtual phone number cannot be traced and your personal information is always safe.

Information is Secured

Scammers usually use call recorders to trace confidential information and there is a huge chance of them causing a lot of loss. This is where the wonders of a virtual phone number come to the rescue. Since there is no physical network associated with the network, the calls cannot be recorded. Your information and conversations cannot be accessed by any third party using any tool.

No Need to Maintain More Numbers

If you are using the same phone number for both personal and business purposes, you are compromising your security. It is strongly recommended to switch to a virtual phone number. The fact that it has no sim card associated with it makes it a good option. All you will need is an internet connection and you are good to go.

Freeje offers virtual phone number service to the customers at the best rates. This service is ideal for both personal and professional usage. It is high time for you to switch to a modern technology that safeguards your privacy and helps you grow your personal networks as well as your business.



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