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With the evolution of the digital world, the demands of the customers have increased significantly. Besides expecting instant answers to their queries, customers also want confidentiality of their identities.

They want to ensure that the companies they are dealing with are keeping their information safe. The technological developments have also paved way for more hackers and scammers to steal the information. As compared to 2014, the hacking losses have increased up to 61% to date which is very alarming.

In such a turbulent situation, it is important for businesses to look for ways that can help them provide a secure environment to their customers. One of the best ways everyone can use is disposable text number. A disposable text number or disposable SMS is a service that allows you to receive an SMS with a verification link. As soon as the verification is confirmed, the link expires and even the most expert hackers cannot retrieve any kind of information through it.

For customers, this service is quite useful considering the fact they can ensure top levels of confidentiality. However, if you are wondering why you should use this service for your business, here’s a rundown of top reasons why.

Authentic Registration

As compared to other mediums, email IDs are easy to hack and hackers can get a hold of any sort of information. On the other hand, SMSs are more secure and a service like disposable SMS can really offer a lot of value to the customers. A disposable SMS can be used for phone verification. When a new user register for your business, you can send them a link through this SMS using which they can verify their details.

Password Resets

There are many instances when the customer forgets the password and they use their email to retrieve it. Again, their information is at stake because if the email is hacked, all their information and history can be used against their own interest. Through a disposable text number, the code to reset the password can be provided which the customers can use. After they have used the PIN code to reset the password, the SMS expires immediately.

Validate Transactions

If your business is offering products and services online and accepts payments through the internet channels, you should have a very secure payment channel that the customers can trust. Moreover, there should be a verification process that ensures that a certain customer has placed the order and no other person is using their information to purchase the products or services. In this case, disposable SMS again comes in handy. Through this service, online businesses can make sure that they are dealing with the real customer.

Even if you are not a business owner but just a customer, you can use the disposable text number to maintain your anonymity. This service can be used to reset passwords of your social media accounts, and even making purchases from global e-commerce stores. Freeje offers One-time SMS Number at the best prices that is not different from the usual virtual SMS except for the lack of physical mobile carrier. Avail this service now and offer top levels of security to your customers now!

Disposable SMS – Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs It

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