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In the modern business environment, telecommuting is a rapidly growing trend that gives a lot of benefits to the business owners and provides relief to the employees.

A majority of the employees like to work from home (remote employment) simply because they enjoy flexibility, peaceful environment, and freedom to work. On the other hand, the companies can achieve better productivity due to reduced overheads and better productivity.

Besides all the benefits that remote employment has to offer, employers are not willing to agree to this sort of employment because of some valid reasons. One of the top reasons includes loss of control or check and balance on employees. However, technology has made our lives easier by providing a lot of productive options that can be used to create a win-win situation for both the concerned parties. A wonder of technological advancement is a virtual phone system that can be used to make telecommuting possible and make employees work from home with full control.


If you are wondering how a virtual phone system can help make telecommuting possible, in this article we shall cover all the aspects.


According to statistics, more than 25% employees working in telecommunication industry like to work from home. Out of these 25% employees, a majority want to complete their work from home if not completely. This work can include sending emails to the clients or closing a deal with a free mind. This sort of flexibility has resulted in fetching success for the businesses. It is also a fact that the number of employees working from home has increased by 58% in the last couple of years and the success rate has been higher as compared to employees working completely from home. Moreover, such employees are also willing to accept a lower salary if they are allowed to work from home.


Business owners want more revenues and lesser operational costs. In case of telecommuting, the operational costs can be reduced by 28% which can give a much-desired boost to the overall profits. Using a virtual phone number, the costs of phone lines can be saved along with energy bills. A virtual number costs much less than a dedicated phone number and can be used to enable employees to provide better customer services to the customers.

Increased Productivity

Telecommuters, as per the statistics suggest, work more dedicatedly than employees who work in offices. For e-commerce stores and telecom industry, better productivity can be achieved and the number of idle hours can be minimized. This reduces per hour labor costs and helps in achieving favorable labor variances.

Using a virtual phone system like Freeje, business owners can make telecommuting easy. Freeje is a one-stop solution for all the telecommunication needs. It offers a plethora of features that can help you provide better facilities to the customers as well as generate more value out of your employees. Even if you have a call center, Freeje can help you make it productive by allowing your employees work from home and you will be able to keep an eye on them right from your app. No matter what time of the day it is or where on earth your employees are, Freeje can be a nice way to kick-start your business. There are many other features of Freeje as well that can be very helpful for the potential growth of your business. So, don’t wait your precious time, try FreeJe today and get ahead in the business competition!



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