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If you are a proprietor of a business, then it is fundamental for you to comprehend the power of intercommunication. Especially in this century,it has become extremely easy to communicate with anyone in the world through smart phones asthe world has greatly becomeglobalized than ever before.

Distances have become meaningless, as you can easily contact anyone instantly as long as you know their phone number.This is quite a significant concept and it can eventually help you to do lucrative business by being in contact with your clients at all times.In fact, for any company to be successful, it is said that it is compulsory for it to have a big potential customer base in not just its respective country but also, the targeted countries. However, this must be accomplished effectively with the power of strong telecommunications. It is very central that your organisation is reachable not only by email, but by telephone as well as by fax.

The world has become closer than ever before due to the vast usage of internet, this has made the potential customersof any business become more conscious of their choices than ever. Clients need to feel safe before doing a business transaction and accordingly they require some sort of a genuine communication touch with the organization that they will buy from. Consequently, the primary concern that should be done is to have a phone number that your organization can be reached at. However, if your business is based in another country and your customer base in a different country then it’s essential for your business to have a phone number based in that particularly country too so that your customers can reach you easily without any complications. Many of the potential customers will be uneasy to call an international number for a number of reasons. Thus, in an attempt to make their life easy for them, you definitely should be able to provide them with an international phone number for your company.

Luckily, it has become extremely easy to get an international number in a country of your choice. In fact, depending upon the location of your company’s customer base, you can get several telephone numbers in many different countries. This can be achieved through getting a virtual sim in order to get an international number.

What is a virtual sim and how does it work?

Virtual SIM service operates under the same principle as the cloud data storage (such as Google Drive or iCloud). Once you uploaded your files to the cloud you can work with them from anywhere. In case of Virtual SIM, your mobile SIM-card data is placed into cloud. Before you go abroad you simply need to connect SIM card of your homeland mobile operator to the internet using USB-modem, activate Virtual SIM service in Freeje application and you're all set. Now you can make and receive calls as if this SIM card is in your smartphone.

However, the international phone number that is going to beallotted to you will be a digital phone number. This implies that you should likewise have a local mobile number that you can forward your calls to. In this way, the call will first go to your international phone number in a country of your choice whenever a customer will call you. After that, the service provider, Freeje, which has given you the opportunity to have this international phone number will route the phone call through the help of internet to your local phone number. Technically, the call itself will experience a type of a Digital Voice over IP framework; yet the person who is calling you may be charged for the local telephone number that he or she tend to dial.

How Does Freeje Come Handy?

During this calling process, Freeje will only charge you for the duration of your call at the rates of your country as if you are using a local number.In this way, while your client may be paying for a local call, you would be paying for an international call but unlike the rates of calling an international number as the call will be sent through the internet and the calling rates will become very cheap for you. This is how you can benefit from a virtual sim card through Freeje.

Henceforth, by using the system of virtual sim cards, you can get a phone number from any country in the world which can then be forwarded to your local number. You can also have your international phone number today with a simple online sign up process.Accordingly, this can be a great opportunity for many businesses which can also give them a competitive edge against other companies from the same industry.


Therefore, if you hope to establish your business in a significant way, then thinking of getting a virtual sim card should be your first priority. You should definitely start looking for getting an international phone number as quickly as possible. Moreover, you will also notice that getting a virtual sim card will cost you way less than using roaming data for international calls. As a result, you can see that the profits of your company will substantially go up and you will likewise observe that your organization is getting more known through the world using an international number. So, don’t wait to get your virtual sim card now!


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