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When it comes to communication, a phone call is the easiest and fastest mode of communication between the business and clients. In almost all the scenarios, a phone call can be used because it is reliable, convenient, and secure.

Having that said, it is evident that having a state of the art PBX system is crucial for the growth of any organization. With the advancements in the field of technology, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose the best phone system considering the fact that today we have analog, digital, and virtual systems.

PBX Phone System

PBX is the abbreviation of Private Branch Exchange. As the name suggests, it is a private phone network that is used within a business. There are a number of outside lines that allow making external phone calls to other public switched networks. Previously, PBX systems were considered suitable only for established and multinational businesses due to the high installation and operating expenses. However, over the years with the evolution of technology, the costs have reduced significantly and now even new businesses can afford it.


Features of PBX Systems

PBX systems boast a plethora of high-end features including:

  • Welcome Messages –The users are greeted with a welcome message that can be customized according to the needs.
  • Call Holding – When a phone line is busy or there is some sort of delay, the call holding feature comes in handy that prevents disconnection.
  • Automatic Call Distribution – A PBX system comes with automatic call distribution feature that redirects the call to the available user. As a result, the loss of leads can be avoided and the productivity is increased.
  • Conference Calls – Within a business, there are many matters between different departments that should be discussed on time so that the smooth flow of information could be achieved. In this regard, a conference call comes in handy. A PBX system makes it happen – courtesy call conferencing. All the concerned parties can converse at the same time on the telephone.
  • Archive of Call Records – One of the best features of PBX systems is that it maintains an archive of call records and lets the business store any sort of useful information. This database can also be used to reach out to the customers whenever the businesses deem it necessary.

Pocket PBX System

Gone are the days when the businesses used to have the same hefty phone systems that were hard to manage and expensive to operate. Even in case of any issues, the businesses had to spend a heavy amount of money to get them repaired. As technology continues to evolve, we now have different types of PBX systems like Hosted PBX, IP PBX, and analog PBX systems.

However, one of the best PBX systems to ever brace the business world is a Pocket PBX system. It is the most compact and advanced form of a PBX system. The reason why it is named as Pocket PBX is that it is just a cloud-based service that is accessible from your smartphone. Any user having the access to the service can use the service. If you are wondering where you can get this service, you don’t have to look any further. Freeje is your one-stop solution for all your telecommunication needs. The Pocket PBX system offered by Freeje is loaded with all the features and specifications of the traditional PBX systems and it gives a lot of value to your organization.

With Pocket PBX offered by Freeje, you can be certain that all the information will be communicated without any sort of disruption. Want to know more about it? Download the app now and experience it on your own!

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