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We see an inclination towards disposable items replacing actual expensive materials. This is because the thought of losing such expensive things to theft and fraud gives us the chill down our spine.

Be it single-use cameras when going on vacations to capture your memories, or disposable crockery for a barbecue party, all free us from the stress of ruining or losing the expensive material that would result in not just a financial loss but also emotional trauma. The disposable cameras work the same way, provide the same functions yet are not a constant tension or worry that they might get stolen, lost or even damaged. This is why people have widely started this disposable alternate approach in all aspects.

With online shopping becoming the new and easier trend these days, we cannot deny the downhill of this seemingly convenient and accessible process. Credit and debit card frauds and identity theft are increasing by the minute as you are reading this. This has made both the purchaser and the credit card companies concerned and even the online shopping experience a disaster. However, all of them want the same goal, to be able to use debit and credit cards for purchases both for retails and online shops with convenience and security of the personal information.

Translating the same disposable alternate approach into the financial paying aspect, the new innovative and secure way to make your online shopping experience secure is acquiring a single-use credit card number that can offer more protection when buying online. Issuance of virtual credit card numbers which are specially designed for online purchases is the way out to these cyber theft issues that we face every day.

So how does this work? Whenever you shop online and are asked for your credit card number, you never actually enter the number that is on your actual and physical credit card. You can use the virtual credit card number for a website to make purchases and for a limited amount of time. This way, if this virtual number does get hacked, the hackers won’t be able to obtain your credit card details because this number would be a single use number. They won’t be able to use that number anywhere else in order to draw money from your account.

This also provides you the upper hand when dealing with online merchants whom you haven’t contacted before and cannot trust completely for obvious reasons. Normally the system setup by the merchant sends your credit card details to the processor but some fraud and fake merchants may work it out to get a copy of your details for their illegal use. It even makes it impossible for the retailer to use the number to shop somewhere else as it is issued for only one-time use for a limited amount of time.

Do not worry though, your credit card bill will still show the purchases made with the virtual number in the same manner. With advancement, we see some card issuers even mentioning the virtual number that was used to make the purchase on your bill for convenience and double check.

So why go for this new option? The reason is, no credit card issuer provides liability policies for unauthorized charges in case of online theft purchases. This makes the consumer hesitant while shopping online because of theft problems. It is even very hectic and difficult to file a credit card theft report for online shopping. But does that mean we lose out on the spectacular online discount shopping? No.

Having said that, this is still a new idea in themarket and hence not all companies have picked it up yet. That is why it may be impossible to use the virtual card number for booking tickets for traveling or even for a cinema online. Same goes for car rental options and hotel reservations that are done online. Also, since it is issued for a limited time, the virtual card number expires when shopping for recurring subscriptions.

In addition to everything you read before, precaution is better than cure. Be aware of the possibility of identity theft and fraud and take the necessary precautions on a regular base to keep your information protected. Shop safely!

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