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If you haven’t heard of VoIP before even in this age, you better try to upgrade yourself in terms of knowledge.

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and it is a groundbreaking technology simply because it has the power, potential, and scope to define the new generation of telephones. In simple words, VoIP is a technology that allows you to convert analog signals into digital data. Here we are assuming that you may know how analog signals are created. If you don’t know, these are created when you speak on the telephone. The signals when converted into digital data, can be transmitted over the internet without any hassle.

Functionality of VoIP

To get a better idea of how the VoIP technology operates, let us break it down into terms that you can understand. VoIP can allow you to upgrade your standard internet connection into a telephonic device using which you can make phone calls for free. There are different VoIP providers offering this service at a very minimal cost which is astonishingly lesser than the telephone bills. Thus, you can easily bypass phone companies and make free calls through your internet along with top voice quality.

Reasons for Popularity

From the above discussion, we can easily ascertain what makes this service extremely popular. These reasons include:

  • Affordable Costs – Since VoIP uses the internet to transform your device into a telephone, there are no high costs associated with it. All you need to have to place free calls is a working internet connection and subscription of a VoIP service provider.

  • Appealing Functionality – There is absolutely no doubt in the functionality and usability of VoIP. The number of benefits it provides for personal as well as professional uses are beyond imaginations. What can be more attractive for a business than saving costs and improving the profitability? VoIP does exactly that. Usually, the phone calls made using conventional phone networks cost a lot of money but the cost saving of VoIP is not just limited to money only. It helps you save both voice and data while allowing you to make ISD calls for free.

  • Portability – Since VoIP is based on a virtual phone number, you can carry your device with you wherever you go and avoid unnecessary roaming charges that are nothing but a burden on the pocket. You will be able to continue to use it while on a trip if you have a working internet connection.


Final Thoughts

From all the above discussion and taking into account all the pros of using or switching to this technology, we conclude that VoIP is a technology that is here to stay for long. Not just for businesses but for personal uses as well, it will add a lot of utility in terms of bridging the gaps and bringing people closer.

As mentioned earlier, there are many VoIP service providers offering this technology, you should make sure that you choose the one with the best rates and unparalleled services. One name you will counter every time is FreeJe. Freeje is a complete virtualization package that offers a number of services including VoIP, virtual phone number, disposable SMS number, virtual fax numbers, and a lot more. All the information about a certain service is available on our website and there’s also a mobile app that you can download to use our services. If you haven’t downloaded our app yet, don’t hesitate and do it right away to upgrade your conversations for good.

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