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Being a business owner, you might be concerned about improving the efficiency of your customer support agents, enhancing the customer experience, and boosting your revenues through better conversion rate.

What you need to realize is that customer calls are your biggest opportunity to move ahead and if you are not recording them, you can miss out on achieving your business goals.

For any call center, it is a common practice to record business calls. Customers may not pay attention to the statement that “the call will be recorded for quality assessment and improvement purposes” but voice recordings amount to so much more.

If you are wondering how this simple practice can benefit your business, here’s why:

Improve Quality of Calls

There can be chances of disruption from your end in voice calls and it can be hard to determine at times. Voice recordings can provide a lot of assistance in figuring out if there is any distortion in the voice quality. Your contact center supervisors can monitor the voice logger and listen to a few examples to find out where improvement can be made. It will certainly help in enhancing the quality of calls and providing better services to the customers.

Capture Missed Details

Active listening is a must-have trait for any customer support agent but human errors are possible. Moreover, it can be very difficult to actively listen and remember the whole conversation properly while memorizing the customer details. When you go for call recording, you get the leverage of securing all the customer details in the original shape. Even if you miss out on something, you can simply turn the recording on and extract the information out of it.

Getting Feedback on the Record

Customers provide feedback but most of the times, it just goes in vain. The reason is very simple – there is no record of it. Quality assurance, supervisors, and even managers don’t get to know about it and eventually, the proper action is not taken. When you have recorded conversations with the customers, the higher authority gets a chance to listen to the feedback directly. As a result, they can work on the feedback or suggestions provided by the customers to improve the services.

Develop Customized Products

Not all of us are admirers of general products or solutions. We need something that we can relate to and develop an association with it. Talking about today’s customers, they have high expectations for any business and they want it to understand their needs and desires. Through customer call recordings, it becomes easier to know about the needs of the customers and acts accordingly to come up with customized solutions.

All these reasons combined with the opportunity to grow your business makes recording conversations a fine practice to adopt. If you are wondering how you can start call recordings, there is no need to go for expensive software with complex functionality. All you need is the FreeJe mobile app. Freeje offers call recordings that work in automated mode. You just have to enable this feature and your calls will be sent to your email specified while registering with the app. You can easily enable this feature – just visit the side menu bar of the mobile app and choose the Support option. From this option, you can enable the call recording feature. Freeje is making lives easier by offering top quality solutions that help you take your business to new heights! 

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