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No one can question the love we have for our family! Our family is what completes us and serves as our identity. In other words, our family is who we are. Wherever we go, our family always remain with us – sometimes physically and sometimes emotionally or spiritually.

We often come across situations when we have to move abroad and leave our beloved ones and our home just to earn a living. Great opportunities don’t come again and again and we have to take some bold steps just to make things work and this is one of those scenarios where we can start our journey at the path of success. If you have such opportunity waiting for you, don’t miss it just because you cannot stay connected with your family because FreeJe is making it happen – thanks to virtual sim.

Virtual Sim – A Brief Introduction

If you haven’t heard about a virtual sim before, here we will give you a brief overview of what it is and how you can use it. A virtual sim can be referred to as a cloud-based number that is not restricted to a physical plastic chip which you have to insert into your mobile phone. A phone without a sim card may sound weird but this is where the true magic lies. All you have to do is connect a modem to your sim card with your computer and use it through the Freeje mobile application.  

Virtual Sim for Personal Use

You may have heard about a virtual sim as a business tool; however, it is equally useful for personal purposes. Those who are going abroad can use it to stay in touch with their loved ones without any disruption or paying for roaming.

Benefits of Virtual Sim

A virtual sim comes with several benefits that you can enjoy. Some of them are:

Additional Space for New Sim

When you are moving abroad, you will have to buy a local number of that specific region to stay in touch with the colleagues and people you meet there. However, it will cost a lot of money if you are using your previous number. If you are using a virtual sim for your family and other friends in abroad, you can get additional space for a new sim card which you can use in that new country.

No Roaming Charges

Using a virtual sim, you don’t have to pay for roaming charges. Since your personal sim card is attached to a modem to your computer, you can always use it with the FreeJe mobile app. All you should have is a working internet connection and you can enjoy calling long hours and discuss all the matters with your family members. The best thing about this virtual sim offered by Freeje is that the calls will be charged at local rates.

Best Voice Quality

One of the major problems which a lot of people face while using internet for voice calls is that the voice quality is very poor at times. However, with Freeje, the voice quality is incomparable. Even if the internet connection is slow, you will get clear voice quality that will give you a fine talking experience.

These benefits combined with the availability of other mind-blowing features make Freeje virtual sim a great option for those moving abroad. So, don’t wait, download the Freeje mobile app today and go virtual!



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