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Running a business is not an easy task but a 24/7 commitment where even a minor negligence can cause a huge loss. This is one of the reasons why entrepreneurs have to be alert all the time and serve their customers in the best possible way so that they don’t move to some other business.

Customers, without any doubt, are the biggest asset to any business. Without customers, it is not possible to survive in the business world. With that being said, it is vital to go an extra mile in serving your customers because it is the only possible way to retain them in the long run. The customers of today want something extra which can make them feel a little more special about themselves. This is where the level of your customer service is tried and tested. If you want to make your customers feel good about themselves, it is vital to go for VIP customer service.

VIP Customer Service

VIP customer service is specially designed for scenarios where the top hierarchy of the business gets involved to answer the specific queries of the customers. There are some customers who want extra attention or you can say, they have some really important queries which only the top management can answer. VIP customer service only forwards such calls to the management which are important.

Features of VIP Customer Service  

VIP Customer Service boasts a lot of intriguing features. Some of them are:

Multichannel Flow

Answering customer calls is a normal practice for any business and there are some organizations where there is a complete department for this purpose. However, for small and medium-sized businesses, it is not possible to hire a separate staff for customer service and they rely on virtual call center technology. In this technology, the employees of the company get customer calls on their smartphones and they are able to provide customer services even from remote locations. FreeJe offers multichannel flow with the option to divert calls to the top management without any disruption.

High Integration Speed

Integrating VIP Customer Service into the normal system is not an issue at all. If you are using a call center system, you can easily integrate this feature into it without any hassle. The quality of calls does not get affected at all and your customers enjoy better customer service that also leads to the enhanced customer experience.

Conditional Forwarding

One of the best features of VIP Customer Service is that there is a conditional forwarding option that only forwards calls which are allowed. The filter saves the time for the customers as well as the top management. Using the black and white lists, the incoming numbers can also be filtered. Only the numbers in the whitelist will be forwarded to the top management.

Benefits of VIP Customer Service

Following are a few benefits of VIP Customer Service:

Reduced Workload

When important calls are redirected to the top management, the workload is reduced and the employees get a chance to deal with other customers and less important calls. As a result, the efficiency is improved and better productivity is achieved. In addition, customers also receive timely answers to their questions.

Increased Loyalty

When customers feel special while dealing with a certain business, the chances of them coming back to that business increase. They always come back whenever they are in need of a specific product or service.

Fewer Costs

This service does not put a hole in your pocket but reduces the costs to a great extent. As a result, the profitability of your business is increased.

These are just a few benefits and features of using VIP Customer Service. Using this service, not only can you make your customers feel like a celebrity but launch your business to the stratosphere as well.



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