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We live in a world where people are always looking to exploit the rights of others and steal their information to use it for negative purposes. The business world is no different too!

When your business is progressing at a gradual speed, it creates a distress among the competitors. In a few cases, the competitors look to improve the quality of their products and services. However, the majority of the competitors look to take a cheap shot and find loopholes in your business and use them for their own good. No matter in which industry you are operating, this immorality prevails everywhere. This is the reason why protecting your personal information becomes inevitable.

Even if confidentiality is not your concern, you should be looking to keep your personal and business conversations separate. We know how difficult it can be for you to maintain two or more numbers for your personal and professional use but thanks to the advancements in the field of technology, you can now own a virtual SMS number.

What is a Virtual SMS Number?

A virtual SMS number is just like renting an additional number for your business. It works as a regular number and allows you to send and receive text messages from other numbers; local or international. This number can also be used to keep your personal conversations separate from your business and professional conversations.



Virtual SMS Number for Your Business

If you are wondering how a virtual SMS number can help you keep the operations of your business smooth, here we have compiled a few ways. Without any further delay, let’s get this started:


A virtual SMS number is very convenient to use. You don’t have to buy a separate phone or install some software on your smartphone. You can simply set it up and use it to send or receive business messages to your clients or suppliers.

Added Layer of Security

One of the best ways in which a virtual SMS number benefits you is by providing an additional layer of security. You can easily setup a corporate email box through this number and use this number as a verification tool. Even if you lose your phone or SIM card, you will be able to access the email box to get the messages. It is not possible with conventional numbers offered by telecommunication services.

Value Added Services

When you apply for a virtual SMS number, you don’t just get a private number but value-added services as well including permanent title to the number. If you want to keep this number forever, you can have it by paying just a minimal amount of money.

No Mix-ups

If you are using a regular number, it is quite possible that you end up mixing up the personal and business conversations. This is the reason why a virtual SMS number is the best thing you can own today. It keeps you conversations separate and makes it easier for you to access them at any time and anywhere.

These are just a few ways in which a virtual SMS number can benefit your business. Intriguing, isn’t it?

If you are looking to own a virtual SMS number or experience virtual SIM card technology, download FreeJe today. Freeje offers a plethora of services including virtual SMS number, free virtual numbers, toll-free numbers, and many others. Using Freeje is also very easy and convenient. It is strongly advisable not to waste your hard earned money on other non-reliable services when you can simply try FreeJe and experience all the benefits on your own.



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