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In a moderately brief timeframe, cell phones and smart phones have gone from being an extravagance item to an absolute necessity that we cannot manage without. This point is evidently outlined by the fact that smart phone sales in 2010 passed 300 million (up 74% in 2009).

This potential direct connection offered to such a large number of consumers has made marketing by means of cell phones a standout amongst the best and powerful types of promoting accessible to us today. SMS marketing is an extremely cost effective way to reach potential customers in a very small time frame.

Virtual Toll Free Numbers and Virtual SMS Numbers

Talking about a virtual mobile number, it’s a number with 11 digits that enables you to receive SMS back to the same number you have sent the SMS from. Using a service of virtual numbers, users would be able to send messages across the world in exactly the same rates as they would send a message to a local number using the Freeje App. This works on the basis of internet, as the messages would be sent online throughout the world in any country you want in very low rates per month.

Like a virtual toll free number, there’s a virtual sim for sending SMS too. A virtual number can be used for receiving and dialling phone calls as well as for receiving SMS. Typically, we get mobile numbers through a SIM card, which we then insert into our mobile phones. On a contrary, virtual mobile numbers are the specific kind of numbers that do not come directly from a SIM card but are available to us through the app using the internet on the same SIM card.

How Using Virtual SMS Can Help You in Your Business

Majority of the people keep their mobile phones within an arm's reach and check the new messages within minutes. No wonder why SMS marketing is currently the most popular and a very prominent way for the marketers to reach and stay in contact with the customers.

However, have you at any point considered how SMS can really bolster your other communication channels, for example, email?

Presenting you with three ideas explaining how the service of virtual SMS and email activities can cooperate with each other to grow, engage and maintain your customer base.

1. Engage email subscribers

Incorporating SMS with email as a component of promotional campaign can be an exceptionally compelling approach to catch people's attention, especially when they are not reading your emails. Consider the example of this SMS message that pursues to drive individuals back to their email inboxes to register themselves for an upcoming event:

Hey Sarah! Last chance to register for our webinar. Registration closes tomorrow. See your email inbox for more and hope to see you there.

Aiming for a specific target, these sort of messages can work extremely well to lure individuals towards opening their email inboxes and following your suggestion to take an action.

2. Email acquisition

Using web forms are an awesome method for catching details of new subscribers to your database. However, they are by all account not the only way. You can likewise do it by means of SMS with the help of virtual numbers and virtual sim cards by using the Freeje App.

Virtual numbers are greatly viable for email acquisition campaigns as they give familiar and a simple route for the people to submit their email addresses.

The procedure is quite meek, you simply ask people to SMS their email address to your virtual number and they are right away subscribed to your database. This is an extremely mainstream technique with offline competitions aimed at developing and growing your email database.

3. Update bounced customer emails

Before erasing a client's record from your database on the grounds that their email address has bounced, try reaching them by SMS. Let them know that you have tried sending them an email about "xyz" and that it has been bounced. And then you can easily request them to reply with their present email address.

This is where technology turns your best friend, since email and SMS marketing software platforms like Freeje, can consequently catch your client's reply and refresh your database with the new email address. You can even spontaneously re-send your original email message to your client's new email address. This entire procedure can occur in a fraction of a minute without you even lifting a finger.

Do More With Mobile - Combining SMS and Mobile Web!

In the early days, the idea of versatile advertising was fixated on just SMS Marketing (Text Message Marketing) only. This was greatly due to the capacity of SMS to introduce special promotional offers and event notifications to clients progressively.

But now the concept of virtual SMS has taken over, that is, sending bulk messages across the world through internet. Combining SMS with web has a great impact on the marketers as now it has become so easy to cross your message in different targeted countries to a bunch lot of people in the same rates as you would pay for a local message.

This greatly increases your customer base, providing you international customers as well as increasing your sales considerably leading to more profits. Not only this, it helps you creating a positive brand image of your business as the customers on the other hand will take your messages as a good communication tool between the business and the customers.

Consolidate this with the impressive open rates of SMS (98% of SMS messages sent are opened, with 75% opened within 4 minutes). Now the interest of the marketers is very clear; SMS gives a big opportunity to convey a focused, targeted and highly pertinent message to your clients including valuable calls to answer.

Due to the excellent read rates of SMS you can be pretty confident that your message will be read and hopefully forwarded to friends of your customers too who will also see your message.



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