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The service of virtual SMS is one of the most innovative and conductive ways to reach a large number of people. With a dedicated virtual SMS number, you will be able to receive text messages from anyone. Your customers and staff can text you whenever they like.

What Is a Virtual Mobile/SMS Number?

Let’s start with what is a Virtual Mobile Number?

Number for SMS – is a virtual phone number, which can be used for dialling and receiving calls phone calls as well as for receiving SMS.Usually mobile numberscome from a SIM card, which we insert into our cell phones.

On a contrast, virtual mobile numbers, or VMN, are mobile numbers that do notcome directly from a SIM card, they come from internet through an app using the same SIM card though.

A virtual mobile number is an 11 digit number that allows you to receive SMS back to the same number you have sent the SMS from. The word ‘virtually’ itself quite clearly defines the actually meaning of virtual SMS service. The users will be able to send messages throughout the world in the same rates as they would send to a local number using a virtual SIM card. This has been made possible through the internet, as the messages would be sent online across the globe in any country in very cheap rates per month.

Why You Should Get It For Your Business?

The service of virtual SMS is one of the most innovative and conductive ways to reach a large number of people. This is on the grounds that SMS gives a secure and targeted means of conveying data to your existing client database. A simple SMS can encourage recipients to take action, initiate conversations about the targeted topic which could eventually lead to more business transactions and hence, more profit.

Mass SMS circulation can provide your business with innovative and powerful opportunities from all over the world. Recent research on the SMS related statistics says a lot, and only a couple of them are mentioned here:

• There are above 5 billion active mobile subscribers universally
• SMS has a read rate of 90% in 15 minutes
• And even though SMS usually makes up less than 5% of the total marketing budgets of any business, a quantifiable analysis of leads recently reported a response rate of leads generated through virtual SMS marketing, exceeding 35%.

If you are running a business, regardless of its size and the level its development, your first priority should always be of having a quick and effective way of communication with your customers. And using virtual SMS online service would just be the right decision and also beneficial for you to have an operational efficiency in your business. Short messaging service has gained in popularity not for just sending a message but also for various important purposes. It is the most vastly used data application on the planet earth.

Using a virtual SMS number has many other advantages too other than the ones mentioned above. They are as follows:


An online SMS has a reach beyond scope and so it has made very easy for the businesses to take advantages from it. Advertising of any product launch or an event can benefit through virtual SMS messaging to appeal a huge number of people anywhere. This can prove to be very cost effective for your marketing strategies. Campaigning for products becomes quicker and easier.

By using this medium, you can virtually reach anyone. Alike,customers can be reached almost anywhere, it depends upon which virtual SMS online app you use, and then it can be administered if you can send SMS locally or globally. Moreover, in this framework, the SMS lands straight in the hands of the end-user unlike many alternativemediums which often get lost in the cluttered world of advertising.

Cost effectiveness

The cost of communicating via a virtual SMS number is far less than any other option available. SMS campaigns offer an extensive amount of flexibility in pricing, and can be adjusted to any budget with a guaranteed success rate.

Involvement of Customers

2-way SMS enables you to communicate one-on-one with your clients, productively engaging the customers by allowing them to participate in a conversation with the brand. This can help to overcomethe main factor, distance, if the business wants to do a long-distance campaign from a static advertisement and add an element of connectivity and interaction between the brand and the clients. Efficient, easy and clear communication creates an active and loyal customer base. Mobile initiated campaigns (using a virtual toll free number) allow for customer originated conversations and offer your company with new leads.


Existing client databases enable advertisers to target clients in the view of particular demographics or other applicable and relevant client information. This enables marketers to communicate utilizing customized and relevant material. SMS can be conveyed in an opportune and pertinent way, which expands the importance of the marketing message, consequently creating a substantial response. This additionally brings about lower marketing rates in contrast with other communication mediums.

The media, food, retail outlets, entertainment and real estate businesses amongst others can use this medium of communication for their beneficiary purposesas a marketing tool for their product items. Sports, leisure, technology, travel, and transportation services can reach out to customers through bulk messaging, which can easily be done through virtual SMS online service, Freeje. Talking about sending messages in bulk, this is extremely useful for the governmentas well for initiatives that need to target a huge number of citizens, to make local authority services available.


There are various value adding options for using mobile online messaging. For example, reinitiating interactions with past customers, communicating current marketing promotions and offers and firming up your loyalty program. This can also be done through various platforms such as Web to SMS, e-mail to SMS as all of these are available through virtual SMS number online service. It is very operativeand efficient means of communication, to target contacts in the most user friendly way. Unlike email, most SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery.
Use Freeje app, which provides you the service of sending virtual SMS online in very economical rates, to send, receive and track SMS messages from your clients. View logs of your SMS messages with your clients and gather significant bits of knowledge that telephone calls alone can't give.

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