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For entrepreneurs and small business owners, every moment of the day is important to brainstorm ideas for taking the business to new heights. Similarly, every hard-earned dollar is crucial to invest in higher returning opportunities.

With so many operations going on at the same time, small business owners tend to ignore the most important ingredient of thesuccess i.e. communications channel. Having a professional way to manage the communications of the business can be very handy for the success of the business.

In recent times, the trend of virtual phone numbers has really skyrocketed and many businesses (small and large) are using it to maintain their phone presence. It is an affordable and convenient way to stay in touch with customers and generate more sales leads. As mentioned earlier, every penny is important for small businesses and this is the reason why we have compiled the following 5 reasons to help you know why you should look to acquire a virtual number.

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Maintaining Privacy

At times, you don’t want your customers to contact you on your private cell phone number. Businessowners don’t want their numbers to float the internet for all the obvious reasons. However, having a virtual phone number can allow them to have an entirely separate phone number for their business contacts without using any extra device. It allows you to maintain your privacy and creates a balance in your business and personal life.

Increased Features

As compared to a regular phone number, a virtual phone number comes with additional features. These features include SMS & email notifications, call forwarding, voicemail transcription, conferencing service, and customization settings. With Freeje, you get more features than any other service. Besides the features, you don’t have to pay for roaming charges if you are traveling abroad.

Continuous Branding

By using a virtual number, you are actually promoting and advertising your business. If you are away, your virtual number will take your customer directly to your business voicemail box. It will give the impression to your clients that they have reached your business rather than your personal number. Even if you are not using a voicemail box, having a virtual number will create a good reputation for your business.

No Need for Additional Equipment

With a service like Freeje, you don’t have to invest in purchasing additional telecommunication devices. This service can be installed in your or your employees’ smartphones easily. A virtual number greatly eradicates the need to acquire expensive premise-based phone system just to stay connected to the customers. Small businesses can save a lot of money by simply acquiring a virtual number and using itin the good faith of their business.


When a business is in its early stages, the management and employees have to work a lot to take it to breakeven point and make it profitable later on. For this reason, they have to travel quite often and answering phone calls can be a hassle to deal with. However, a virtual number is very flexible and can make it easy to stay connected with customers on the go.

These 5 reasons are enough to know that a virtual number is the rightchoice for your small business. Freeje is unarguably one of the leading names in offering virtual number and other connectivity services at an affordable price. So don’t hesitate, download the app now and put your small business on the track of growth!  

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