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Promotion is one of the most efficient ways of gaining customer's loyalty. Business world likes it because of the rapid payback and broad-brush low-cost launch.

But it also hates it due to complexity of setting "dialog with a customer". It requires a professional call-center organization that takes a lot of time and costs. No variant of ignorance with this step is possible otherwise half-made job can eliminate all results of promo campaign.

To make the call-center real effective any company need to meet to the list of requirement. We will not review the human-factors. There are a lot of 3rd party educational centers and outsource firms that can solve any issue in this field. What is really essential here is a technical specific. The structure of communication line, its business logic, quantity of toll-free numbers available in a call-center and their broadband play the major role. Even the 2nd line tiny services (like IVR, voicemail, conference calls or private numbering plan) need to be prepared.

Working on this market over 5 years our team has significantly improved the technical side of call-center creation. With Freeje mobile app any user can purchase toll-free numbers, enable them and create a business logic within half an hour. More than that user can do it from any part of the globe 24/7. It is no longer a problem to buy a toll free of other country. Toll Free numbers of USA, UK, Canada and many others are available in Freeje. There is no need to buy any expensive facilities if IVR, private numbering plan or any other features are required. Freeje is an all-in-one tool with Cloud PBX service that can be used for this purposes.

At the first sight it seems that all this benefits cost a lot but they are not. Even more, they help to save resources. All you need is to install Freeje on your iOS and Android device and choose the set of numbers in specific region. Enjoy!

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