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If you want to start a new business and carry on a trade together to turn a profit, this information is for you. Freeje team is always open for new partners and trade representatives around the globe.


Reasons to become our partner:

  • You can join the rapidly growing mobile VOIP market and earn the profit that limited only by your own ability to sell products;
  • Get an extra revenue from all existing customers (percent from each account recharge);
  • No risks and initial instalments;
  • All technical support is provided by the Freeje team.




To become a Freeje partner you need:

  • have an experience in a wholesale and/or retail of telecommunications services;
  • have your own off-line or web-based store specialized on B2B telecommunication services and software, tourist goods and services or adjacent areas;
  • have a strong B2B clients network;

How to start?

  • Click on the link and register for the affiliate program / or add "retailler block ' to your personal account;
  • Create and run your own advertising campaign;
  • Start selling. Check your daily statistics and your income at your own partner's page.


If you have any questions send the e-mail to info@freeje.com. Our managers will contact you within two business days.