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Toll-free telephone number (800 number) is a number that is billed for all arriving calls instead of incurring charges to the originating telephone subscriber. For the calling party, a call to a toll-free number from a landline is free of charge. 

Such numbers are perfect solution for online shops, call-centers, delivery services, customer services, helpdesks and many other types of business related to customers care area.  



  • Multichanneling.

Each toll-free number can be extended to the required number of channels. Our clients focus on the call-center staff quality. All technical aspects of the service are covered by our professionals.

  • Third-party resources integration.

Your managers can receive calls not only through Freeje, but also forward them to a third-party softphone or any defined mobile or landline phone number.

  • IP PBX extensions support.

Toll-free numbers supports IVR, blacklist and whitelist data and much more.  

  • API.

Freeje can be easily integrated into the corporate network architecture. All-in-one solution that reduces time wasting with other 3-rd party tools. 



To find out costs for toll-free numbers enabling, please visit the “Prices” page.