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Freeje virtual SIM Clouds-750Wouldn't it be nice if you could use your SIM card during trips abroad and pay for calls as much as you pay at home? Freeje Virtual SIM feature gives you such an opportunity.

What is Virtual SIM?

Virtual SIM service operates under the same principle as the cloud data storage (such as Google Drive or iCloud). Once you uploaded your files to the cloud you can work with them from anywhere. In case of Virtual SIM, your mobile SIM-card data is placed into cloud. Before you go abroad you simply need to connect SIM card of your homeland mobile operator to the internet using USB-modem (see the list of supported modem models below), activate Virtual SIM service in Freeje application and you're all set. Now you can make and receive calls as if this SIM card is in your smartphone. 

How does it work?

Before going to another country, you need to take a few simple steps:

  • install Freeje app on your phone, open it and activate Virtual SIM feature from Numbers tab;
  • leave USB-modem with your home SIM card in your computer (it should be turned on).

You can now make and receive calls via your SIM card in Freeje application, no matter what country you are in. Mobile number will be serviced by a network of your domestic operator and you will be charged at your "home" rates.

This principle also works vice versa. Leave the modem with a SIM card in the country of interest and return to your homeland. Freeje app will redirect incoming calls to your phone.



Advantages of using "Virtual SIM" service:

  • no need to use costly roaming services – you pay for your "home" tariff plan;
  • your contacts can reach you at your usual number, no matter what country you may be;
  • you can call your contacts on the usual rates with your home number from any country using a smartphone and Freeje app;
  • while on a trip there is no need to have several SIM cards or smartphones to communicate with your contacts in different countries;
  • flexible adjustment of incoming calls: in case active Internet connection is absent on your phone, incoming calls are forwarded to your local SIM card in the host country or any other number you specify.


Freeje virtual SIM settings-small

To use the service you will need:

  • a phone with Android or iOS operating system;
  • USB-modem of one of the following models: Huawei E1550, E160g, E171, E173, E1752C, ZTE MF180, with voice calls support;
  • a PC with operating system Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10 with installed .Net Framework 3.5.


Virtual SIM service is available to all Freeje app users for free.


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