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Virtual phone number (DID number) is a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line. You can travel and use virtual numbers for communication with your customers, partners and family members without limitation.



  • No georeference.

If you want to make a business in Peru or Vietnam, it is not necessary to open local office there or to find a representative company. You can just buy a virtual number in the country of the interest and create a virtual office.

  • Management on the fly.

Freeje provides tools for easy management of all virtual numbers in a company. You can make a direct forwarding, conditional forwarding, create IVR or setup an answering machine in one click.

  • Multichanneling.

Our app is for those who interacts with a huge number of customers at the same time. Each virtual number can be extended to a specific number of channels for comfortable communication with clients.

  • Third-party resources integration.

With Freeje you can forward calls to to a softphone application or to another phone number.



To find out costs for our virtual numbers please visit the “Prices” page.