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Kuwait and Iran are very closed countries, so making business with the local partners is rather complicated thing. Virtual numbers from Freeje company make things easier! We reduce the prices for these numbers, now they are more affordable than ever before! Hurry up to use the opportunity, and make your business easier today.


I recently installed Freeje app, which allows you to make calls using virtual numbers, on my smartphone – Lenovo S580. While using it I came across a problem – the app wouldn’t make any calls!


Roaming fees collected by operators do not succumb to any criticism. When traveling abroad talking on a cell can result in a tidy sum even if you strive for saving money on calls. Moreover, it limits your communication almost entirely.


The principle of operation of a fax is quite simple, but yet indispensable in the medium and large organizations in need of constant documentation delivery.


You have installed the Freeje app and received an email that demo mode is activated on your account. Congratulations!

Let's see what is in Freeje demo mode and which services you can use.


Virtual SMS Number is the number of mobile or landline connection, not tied to a specific SIM card. They are usually used to perform some type of operation via SMS. 


The development of modern information and communication technologies is rapidly gaining momentum. There are more and more new forms of communication that are far superior to the traditional simplicity and functionality. 


A virtual phone number is a secondary telephone number unassociated with a certain telephone unit, handset, or subscriber.


Since February 1st have updated the Asian counties list.  Now you can get China landline or mobile virtual number under the very reasonable price. Phone numbers of Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are just $30 per month!


May your home be filled with Xmas songs, cakes, candies and all the love that this festive season brings. Merry Xmas and a perfect New Year!


Only for Freeje users: make calls to Israel just for $0.11 per minute. Do not miss an opportunity to share warmest feelings with your nears and dears during Hanukkah!


We are happy to make an announcement about Freeje Switzerland virtual numbers list. Since the December 1 st we have expanded the geography of our services with the new cities.


During the whole day, you will have a chance to get the discount for all virtual numbers at Freeje. Start saving money!


Business opportunities to start your business in Bahrain come closer. Open your new Manama’s office with Freeje’s virtual numbers. The service is available within November under very special price!


Japanese virtual numbers of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Yokohama are on sale at Freeje. The new market just in a few clicks away distance.


The registration process seems simple enough at the first sight.  Nevertheless it is energetically costly process.


Promotion is one of the most efficient ways of gaining customer's loyalty. Business world likes it because of the rapid payback and broad-brush low-cost launch.


Good news for those who want to expand their business into growing Chinese market. We added four biggest Chinese cities to Freeje’s “virtual numbers” list.

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