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Turkey SMS numbers for registration are available for sale now!

Most of our clients struggled from wasting a lot of time on finding Turkish numbers for SMS. There were none for sale recently, but… we finally did it! We are

How to get a Canadian phone number from outside of Canada

If you do business in Canada or have relatives and friends in that country, getting a local phone number becomes relevant. Thanks to modern VoIP, every Internet user has the

VoIP phones: how the second number works on your device

Comfortable telephony requires high reliability, quality signal, moderate cost, and efficiency. All these requirements are met by modern VoIP, which allows you to connect a second number on your smartphone.

How to protect your privacy with an app for the second phone number

With the development of computer technology, the problem of maintaining the confidentiality of personal and corporate data has arisen. At the same time, innovations not only made users more vulnerable

How to add a business phone line to your mobile phone

Digital telephony allows you to use your personal smartphone as a working tool to communicate with customers, contractors, suppliers, and partners. The Freeje Optimum app provides a virtual number for

How to Call the Philippines from the USA in 4 Easy Steps

🛒 Buy Philippine virtual number 🛒 🛒 Buy USA virtual number 🛒 The globalisation of the world has led to a significant expansion of the boundaries of communication. If until

Virtual Number Ukraine

Buy Ukraine Virtual Number We can offer you an SMS-only virtual number of Ukraine (Mobile-73 and Mobile-93) that costs $10 connection, $10 monthly fee. Such a number can receive messages

Cryptocurrency we working with

What is Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency is digital money used as one of the means of virtual settlements. This asset is in fact a file, called blockchain, that contains encrypted information. Blockchains

Iran and Kuwait virtual numbers prices cut down!

Kuwait and Iran are very closed countries, so making business with the local partners is rather complicated thing. Virtual numbers from Freeje company make things easier! We reduce the prices for

Toll-free number – what is it and why

The development of modern information and communication technologies is rapidly gaining momentum. There are more and more new forms of communication that are far superior to the traditional simplicity and