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The future has arrived with VoIP telephony

The first major step in telecommunications was taken in the 19th century by laying a transatlantic telephone cable. Since then, the approach to establishing communication channels has taken a huge

Buy your virtual number on offer during the Black Friday sale!

Only one day on Black Friday you have a unique opportunity to save 20% on calls during the next year! To get a discount: 1) Download Freeje from Google Play or AppStore and register

How to save money during a crisis?

Another global crisis has led to income reduction for many people around the world. It has negatively affected corporate payroll budgets, hospitality expenses, advertising campaigns and other important things. At

Open a bank account simply with SMS!

Globalization opens up many opportunities for business owners, allowing them to expand their companies, enter the new markets, and minimize tax payments in some countries with loyal legislation. As a

7 ways to protect yourself

Safety is one of the fundamental conditions for a calm, free and successful life. However, modern realities often drive a person into routine, pushing to repeat familiar actions, dulling natural

SMS, How to Avoid Mistakes for Marketers

We live in a highly conversational community where talking with each other on the phone or through digital means has become the norm. Through this behaviour, SMS has become a

Cryptocurrency we working with

What is Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency is digital money used as one of the means of virtual settlements. This asset is in fact a file, called blockchain, that contains encrypted information. Blockchains

Toll-free Numbers: A Must-have for Business

What is a toll-free number Toll-free, or 800 numbers appeared more than 50 years ago and quickly gained popularity in the business world. Its core advantage is that the calling

Top Reasons Your SMS Isn’t Being Delivered

Text messaging introduced into the daily practice of most businesses and individuals saves time and costs on communication and provides efficient service delivery With the impressive figure of 560 billion SMS being

The most popular Chinese payment system is available in Freeje from now

Good news for all clients from China. By popular demand of our users, we added one of the most popular payment system in Celestial Empire. From now you are able