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Virtual Number Ukraine

Buy Ukraine Virtual Number We can offer you an SMS-only virtual number of Ukraine (Mobile-73 and Mobile-93) that costs $10 connection, $10 monthly fee. Such a number can receive messages

Cryptocurrency we working with

What is Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency is digital money used as one of the means of virtual settlements. This asset is in fact a file, called blockchain, that contains encrypted information. Blockchains

Iran and Kuwait virtual numbers prices cut down!

Kuwait and Iran are very closed countries, so making business with the local partners is rather complicated thing. Virtual numbers from Freeje company make things easier! We reduce the prices for

Toll-free number – what is it and why

The development of modern information and communication technologies is rapidly gaining momentum. There are more and more new forms of communication that are far superior to the traditional simplicity and

SMS Number – what is it? And how to use it?

Virtual SMS Number is the number of mobile or landline connection, not tied to a specific SIM card. They are usually used to perform some type of operation via SMS.

What is Virtual Phone Number

A virtual phone number is a secondary telephone number unassociated with a certain telephone unit, handset, or subscriber. It is not directly associated with a telephone line and is not

Virtual numbers of China are on sale

Since February 1st have updated the Asian counties list.  Now you can get China landline or mobile virtual number under the very reasonable price. Phone numbers of Beijing, Guangzhou and

Telephone numbers of Switzerland. Updated list

We are happy to make an announcement about Freeje Switzerland virtual numbers list. Since the December 1 st we have expanded the geography of our services with the new cities. City Setup

Japanese virtual numbers are on sale!

Japanese virtual numbers of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Yokohama are on sale at Freeje. The new market just in a few clicks away distance. Pricing: Toll-free numbers (+81120): Setup fee

Hot Deal: Kyiv multichannel virtual phone numbers!

Freeje expands the list of Ukrainian phone local codes. This Fall you can buy Kyiv multichannel virtual phone numbers! Check the deal Pricing: Setup fee – $50, Monthly fee –