7 ways to protect yourself


Safety is one of the fundamental conditions for a calm, free and successful life. However, modern realities often drive a person into routine, pushing to repeat familiar actions, dulling natural instincts and giving a false sense of security. Changing your mindset and following a few simple rules will help you break out of this trap. These rules will help you to protect yourself and your family, and save you from potential troubles.

Step 1. Protect your home

First and foremost, you need to forget the popular illusion that such problems will never affect you. Experience shows that it is better to take care of the safety of your home in advance, and protect everything that is the most expensive and important. To do this, you should enhance the most vulnerable places, such and windows and doors. If necessary, install gratings on windows. It is also worth having an alarm system or at least its high-quality sham. Whenever possible, talk with strangers only through a closed door. Keep order at home so that you immediately notice any changes in the room.

Step 2. Control the situation

A modern person is often too immersed in his thoughts or concentrated on the smartphone. He wears headphones and looks down at his phone, which makes him almost a perfect target for criminals. Therefore, it is worth changing this habit and modeling your behavior after animals that remain vigilant in an unfamiliar environment and are ready to show the horns. Of course, this does not mean that you need to constantly be stressed, but it is definitely worth controlling the situation and the people around you, especially if there are unexpected changes in your environment and the usual routine.

Step 3. Have your essentials at hand 

In any unforeseen situation, you need to have items that will help you get out of it with minimal losses. These are a mobile phone, a credit card, a jack-knife, metal hairpins and possibly lock-picks. Such a set will not take up much space in your bag, but it can literally be life-saving. Don’t forget about safety in your car. Going on any trip, we recommend you to have a map, first aid kit, radio, reliable cable and hatchet.

Step 4. Protect your personal data

Extensive use of mobile phones significantly increases the vulnerability of personal data. By taking possession of someone else’s smartphone, an ill-wisher gains access to a bunch of confidential information. Even more, with certain equipment, he can listen into or track the person. Therefore, protecting a mobile phone is the most important task for any cellular user. To do this, you can use common cryptographic protection methods or special external devices, such as blockers and suppressors. You can also receive calls using a complex scheme that involves three devices. In this case, the user uses the first phone, while the second phone redirects calls to the first one and is later destroyed, and the third phone helps to connect to phone #1 through phone #2.

There is another option – to buy a virtual phone number. This will allow implementing the abovementioned method with three devices, where the role of phone #2 plays a virtual number. There is no need to buy a phone and a number, since you can always order a new IP-number if necessary. This is an advantage of IP telephony.

Step 5. Stay safe while traveling

Regardless of the type of transport you use, you should be vigilant and remember about safety measures on any trip. If facing a potentially dangerous situation, you should try not to panic, because it prevents you from making quick and correct decisions. If you are being evacuated, forget about personal belongings and take only documents, if possible. Before a trip, especially if you plan a long one with different types of transport, you should read the safety instructions. Being fully aware and level-headed increases the chances of being rescued.

Step 6. Train the skill of reading others

The skill of reading people’s intentions and real motives allows us to predict their behavior and further development of the situation. In many cases it helps to avoid potentially dangerous situations. You can develop this invaluable skill by studying special literature and regularly applying it in practice. After all, every day we meet different people and that allows us to identify rather typical models of their behavior. Therefore, attentiveness and personal experience can be extremely useful for reading people.

Step 7. Do not react to manipulations

This skill is closely related to the previous one, as it also depends on your ability to correctly interpret people’s intentions. Many professional fraudsters use the principles of social morality to evoke certain feelings in a person and force them to do something. These emotions include empathy, guilt, fear, anger, and others. They become triggers that can easily hook the victim by making him or her vulnerable.

Your safe new life

These are just the basic steps to maximum safety, and we recommend following them to change your life for the better. At the same time, you should not concentrate too much on such issues and constantly hide behind a high fence, preparing for defense. After all, life is about enjoying every moment of it, experiencing the joy of love and communication, and excitement about new wonderful events and meetings.