How to Call the Philippines from the USA in 4 Easy Steps

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The globalisation of the world has led to a significant expansion of the boundaries of communication. If until recently a call abroad was a special event, today international communication has become a real necessity. This mainly applies to freelancers, travellers, entrepreneurs, and other categories of people. So, it may be necessary to call the Philippines from the United States to communicate with a local resident or tourist.

How to call a landline phone number in the Philippines from the US

To make a regular call to a landline in the Philippines from the United States of America, you need to follow a few simple steps.

1. Enter the return code

First, you need to dial the code to switch to international lines. For those in the United States, it is the digital combination “011”.

2. Dial the Philippines country code

Next, enter the code for the Philippines – “63”. It is worth noting that the country code remains the same regardless of the location of the caller.

3. Dial the area code

The next step is to enter the locality code, which can consist of one, two, or four digits. For example, for Manila, Taytay, San Pedro, and other cities, this is “2”, and for Jones, Cebu, or Argao, this is “32”. Usually, the smaller the settlement, the more digits its telephone code consists of.

4. Add the rest of the phone number

Finally, enter the local 7-digit telephone number of the Filipino subscriber you plan to call. Note that the area code is often listed as part of the local number, so don’t double-dial it. Also, for calls within the country, there may be a 0 at the beginning of the number, which should be omitted when calling the Philippines from the United States.

How to call a Philippines mobile number from the US

Calling a Philippine cell phone from the United States is almost the same as dialling a landline number. However, there are some nuances.

1. Don’t forget the return code

Entering a mobile phone number also begins with dialling the international access code, which corresponds to the digital combination “011” for those in the United States.

2. Remember the country code of the Philippines

When dialling a Philippine mobile number, enter the regular country code “63”.

3. Add your region code

Instead of a number combination denoting a specific city, dial a mobile code. For the Philippines, this is a special three-digit number combination that always starts with the number “9”. Please note that when calling a cell phone, you do not need to dial the area code.

4. Finally, provide a mobile phone number

Enter your local seven-digit cell number and press the call button. If calling from a landline, just wait for the beeps.

How to call in non-traditional ways

In addition to regular calls from a landline or cell phone, there are alternative ways to reach the Philippines from the US. To do this, you need to create a SIP account and use any of the programs below.

1. Use Linphone

The popular free VoIP telephony application is designed for voice and video calls, as well as instant text messaging over the Internet. The SIP client can be used with different operating systems. For Android devices, you need to download the official app from the Google Play store. After installation, run the program and select “USE SIP ACCOUNT” or “Use SIP account”. Enter account information – login, password, and other required information. Then press “USE” or “Authorization”. The correct setting will be indicated by the status “Connected” in the upper left corner. For the application to work correctly, you need to allow it to use the microphone and make calls. Once set up, your SIP account is ready for voice calls.

2. Try Zoiper

Another free internet telephony app for making calls. This SIP phone with the minimum required set of functions can work under Windows, Mac Os, and Linux. To get started, you need to install the application for your operating system from the official website of the developer. Open “Configurations” or “Settings”, then select “Options” or “Preferences” and in the window that appears, set “Create an account” or “Create account”. Select the type of SIP account and go to the next window, where you specify the data for registering the phone – account name, password, and other necessary information. After setting up the account, you should make sure that it is ready to make and receive calls, as indicated by the green check mark that appears next to the account.

3. Call using MicroSIP

A simple and convenient program for VoIP telephony without the need to install additional codecs. To make free calls and messages available, you should download MicroSIP from the official website. Usually, the lite version is enough, if you need to make video calls, you should choose the full version with advanced features. After installation, you need to open the application and select the “Add account” option in the menu. On the page that appears, enter the requested data – SIP server, user, domain, login, and password. After successful authorization, the “Online” icon will appear in the lower left corner. Now you can make calls.

How to account for time zone differences when calling the Philippines

When making international calls, it is important to consider the time difference so that, for example, you do not wake up your Filipino friend in the middle of the night. Moreover, this difference is very noticeable – the Philippines is located in the time zone of the UTC/GMT + 8 hours standard. According to the map, the time in Washington, New York or Philadelphia is 13 hours behind the Philippines. Houston and Chicago for 14 hours, Denver and Phoenix for 15 hours, Los Angeles and San Francisco for 16 hours, and Anchorage and Juneau for 17 hours.

How much does it cost to call the Philippines from the USA?

The price of international communication depends on the telephone provider. As a rule, calls to a mobile phone are significantly more expensive than to a landline. Using a virtual phone will help reduce the cost of calls to the Philippines and other countries of the world. Such a service is not tied to a physical SIM card or telephone line. And the rates remain stable regardless of the location of the owner of the subscriber number.

How to minimise your calls to the Philippines

An effective way to optimise the cost of international communications is to use cloud telephony services. It allows you to contact almost anywhere in the world at stable rates. By connecting a virtual phone, you can travel freely or simply change your place of residence. And at the same time constantly staying in touch without the need for overpayments. To do this, you just need to register a Freeje account at, go through the verification link, download the Freeje Optimum app, and connect a digital subscriber number. If necessary, you can rent a landline and mobile phone in another 50+ countries of the world. And for business communication, we offer the Freeje Classic app with extended functionality.