How to save money during a crisis?


Another global crisis has led to income reduction for many people around the world. It has negatively affected corporate payroll budgets, hospitality expenses, advertising campaigns and other important things. At the same time, any crisis gives optimal opportunity for business transformation, development of new lines, search for new target markets and expansion of sales geography. Considering the current economic climate, all of these require a rational approach. A virtual phone number can become your best bet when organizing company’s communication. It will provide a reliable, high-quality and secure communication with customers, partners, and employees at an affordable price.

What is a virtual phone number?

Despite its name, a virtual number does not differ much from a regular landline or mobile phone. The only difference is that it isn’t linked to a specific device, SIM card or physical address. This is also the main advantage of digital technologies – enabling the user to remain mobile while always staying in touch. The client personally manages his number and sets the conditions for call forwarding to a specific phone or SIP account. Incoming text messages are being automatically sent to the user’s specified email address.

Moreover, the client can choose the phone number of any country, regardless of his location. For example, this can be a local number of the city where company’s key customers, partners or suppliers are located. This will allow them to call at local rates and significantly save money compared to making usual international calls. Affordable communication contributes to an increase in the number of customers and, in consequence, the company’s profits. With an increase of incoming calls, it is possible to add more communication channels in order to cover the demand and assure the retention of every potential client. 

How to make use of a virtual office

Let’s say your company is located in Moscow and plans to enter the American market. To do this, it is convenient to connect a digital phone number from the selected region of the United States and forward the incoming calls to your customer support service, call center or certain managers. This will save money on opening a physical office in the United States and optimize the company’s costs.

You can also use additional functions of the IP telephony, such as greetings, voice menu, black and white lists, and more. Other popular features include statistics and recording of conversations to help divide the workload between employees and control the quality of their work. All of this comes at a very reasonable price. Depending on the selected region, the cost of renting a phone number ranges from $5 to $50, and a full package of additional services will cost about the same. In return, you get effective communication, development of new markets, convenient statistics and full control over the situation.