Open a bank account simply with SMS!


Globalization opens up many opportunities for business owners, allowing them to expand their companies, enter the new markets, and minimize tax payments in some countries with loyal legislation. As a result, a businessman has a great opportunity to earn money elsewhere around the world, open a bank account in a third country, and choose a reliable financial institution, whose effective operations assure the protection of his money from political crises.

There are many opportunities to open a bank account in the country of your choice, but there is often a problem with managing it online. Indeed, most banking transactions require a one-time code or password sent as SMS to a local phone number. Of course, you can buy a SIM card from a local mobile operator, but the reviews show that SMS from the bank isn’t always delivered to clients in roaming. Moreover, seeking help from a local intermediary is quite risky and unreliable.

The optimal solution is to purchase a virtual phone number for SMS, which will be perceived by the bank as the number of a local operator. For only $5 per month, you will have a reliable and high-quality connection that allows you to receive text messages on your email address. Thus, you will be able to open and manage a bank account online without risks and unnecessary intermediaries.