SMS Number – what is it? And how to use it?

Virtual SMS Number is the number of mobile or landline connection, not tied to a specific SIM card. They are usually used to perform some type of operation via SMS. The need for the service can be very different: the person does not want or is not able to use his/her real phone number; conducts marketing activities, for which the number is inappropriate to buy; He/she wants to remain incognito.

The reasons to use a virtual number for sms

Before a closer look at each of the reasons, it is worth to notice that the SMS virtual number is not only useful in certain situations, but it also ensures the information security of the person. Take, for example, a real phone number. Each of us uses dozens of websites and online services on a daily basis, many of them require to specify the phone number to complete the registration and ensure the safety of users, but, as practice shows, this safety is highly questionable. Accounts hacking and theft of personal data are not uncommon, you never know when and in which way your data is going to be used. To avoid this, it is better to order a virtual SMS number.

SMS-forwarding to email or phone number is another advantage of using virtual SMS numbers. Set SMS sent each time a customer on your site leaves request for feedback, and no clients’ request will go unanswered!

Virtual SMS Number

The use of such disposable sms numbers is convenient for the verification or registration on a website. All you need is to rent a number, solve a lot of problems at once and avoid many potential cyber threats that the Internet is full of. Also virtual sms number will allow you to create, for example, the account in international payment system and to use banking services of any country without the need to buy a SIM card of the country. At the same time, we must understand that the virtual SMS number operaes only for receiving SMS. This should be considered in advance in order not to have problems in the future.

Separately, we would like to discuss the situation with social networks. When you register on a social media platform you are required to indicate the code from the SMS that will be sent to your specified number. Sometimes there is a need for an additional social media account, and you cannot use the same number you already used for registration. Of course, you may have a few more mobile cards, but to buy or use them all the time, does not always make sense. It is for these purposes the virtual SMS number for Vkontakte, Facebook or any other social network.

The benefits of using the service

  • Easy to use

All you need is to order a number through Freeje application. After the SMS number is purchased you can use it for any purpose. This service is always available in any place and at any time of the day.

  • Confidential

When registering for any online resource, you save personal information and does not run the risk that it will fall into the hands of fraudsters.

  • Fast

Now you can use minimum time to create unlimited number of profiles in social networks and other sites.

  • Low cost

Cost of service is significantly cheaper than buying real numbers, moreover, does not require any additional documents and you can use it whenever you want. Payment is made in any convenient way for you.

  • On-line service

The service has no territorial and timing linking. You have a need, you order the number and use it. Everything happens in accordance with modern standards of online services. The ordering process is carried out in a matter of minutes.

To sum up the above, the service “SMS number” provides you with a lot of features that can be used for both personal interests, and for business development, conduct of marketing campaigns and much more. It is worth noting the main thing – virtual SMS number is an incredibly useful and convenient service, which allows significant savings of both time and money.