Toll-free number – what is it and why

The development of modern information and communication technologies is rapidly gaining momentum. There are more and more new forms of communication that are far superior to the traditional simplicity and functionality. One of such innovations was the introduction of a “toll-free number” service. Virtual toll-free number is a special number, payment of calls for which is directed to a party receiving the call. Their use is widespread among the different companies, “hot lines» (call-centers), support services, they are indispensable in the chains of cafes, restaurants, shopping areas etc.

The main advantages of toll-free numbers

The use of toll-free numbers by companies – is one of the most profitable investments. Thus, it is possible not only to increase its popularity among customer audience, but also to achieve a number of benefits of organizational character. But first things first.

The first thing to start with is to choose a number from the available list of numbers in Freeje app. If desired, it is very easy to stay with a catchy combination of numbers, in such a way you will increase your chances that a client will remember it and will be more likely to call you and buy your product / service. Then it is to integrate the service into your system and configure routing, which is absolutely not difficult with Freeje application. And now for the main advantages you get:

  • a great contribution to the company’s image (caring for partners and clients increases their loyalty);
  • single number (single number is used, followed by a uniform distribution of incoming calls over the call-center);
  • interoperability with third-party resource (service includes call forwarding to mobile and landlines, softphones);
  • easy software integration (no need to use additional services);
  • multi-channel (single toll-free number has up to 32 communication channels).

In addition, there is a number of useful extensions which, if desired, can be added to the standard features:

  • black and white lists of numbers;
  • voice menu (IVR)

and much more.

Multichannel number

It is worth paying attention to the what multi-channel numbers are. The principle of its operation is based on the fact that each call to the toll-free number is given a separate channel on which the call is routed to an available agent. Each multichannel number for almost 100% eliminates the queue. The client, calling the number, will be guaranteed served. This is achieved through a special mechanism. As a result, everyone wins: customers feel like you appreciate their time, they will be confident that they can rely on you at any time, and you get a rapid build-up of the customer base, because your level of service will be a head taller than the competitors’.

High performance is achieved mainly due to functional features of cloud telephony:

  1. The safety and security of communication channels.
  2. The scalability of the system.
  3. The possibility of employees working remotely.
  4. Operational integration with other information systems.
  5. Efficient use of resources.
  6. Easy maintenance and repair.

All of these functions, and features of multi-channel toll-free numbers are definitely impressive. After learning about so many advantages, your customers just can not resist calling you, and do not forget that it is also a “free number”. The arguments clearly speak in favor of using the service, so it remains one unresolved issue. How to install the toll-free number?

How to instal Freeje toll-free number?

It is easy to install a toll-free service, all you need is to use the mobile application Freeje and follow the instructions:

  1. Open Freeje app on your device.
  2. If your device operates under Android OS – click on “Additional numbers” at the top of the screen. / If your device operates under iOS – click on “Numbers” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Now choose the type of a number you would like to purchase – in this case – Toll-free.
  4. Choose a country from a list, choose a number and click on “Add Number”.
  5. If you have enough money on your account – the number will be automatically added to the list of your numbers. / If there is not enough funds – you will receive a notification asking to refill the balance.

The total of 5 simple steps will turn your business into a real business empire. What you will acquire is not just a toll-free number but a whole virtual PBX, with the functionality of the real phisical one, and as an additional bonus – you significantly save on hiring technical staff and purchase of equipment.