Virtual fax number – necessity or a waste?


Fax communication exists for more than 100 years, but it is still popular, modern telecommunication systems could not displace and replace it. The main reason of such a popularity – is a unique operating principle, based on the scan of a sheet with information in a fax machine and the subsequent transfer of it to the receiving side, where there is an inverse operation of the signal conversion into the informative document. The principle of operation is quite simple, but yet indispensable in the medium and large organizations in need of constant documentation delivery.

The disadvantages of this system are its bulkiness, the cost, the need for physical implementation on the territory of the company and the maintenance staff to work with the device. Although the listed above disadvantages are rather necessary requirements for the work of fax machine, but not every organization has the necessary resources for this. Fortunately, with the introduction of ip-telephony technology to a mass operation we received an alternative way of organizing the fax based on the use of virtual fax numbers.

What is a virtual fax number?

Virtual fax number is a virtual service offered by Freeje, that can replace the standard fax. As when use conventional fax machine, there is a fax number issued to the client, this number will be used to receive documents. The only difference is that there is absolutely no need in the purchase of expensive equipment, it is enough to have a registered e-mail address, to receive all the files that are converted to text PDF. It is very convenient, because you will have an electronic copy of your document, which can be easily printed out. In addition, you will get a huge number of functions and additional benefits, which will be discussed further.

Functional features of a virtual fax

The principle of implementation of this service is very simple. For its work, a special routing system is used, your fax messages (or documents) are sent to Freeje server, where they are processed and then forwarded to the e-mail you have provided. Thus, the client has access to information from anywhere in the world, which is certainly convenient.

When use the service you can not worry about the queue to receive messages as there is absolutely no binding to a telephone line, the number of concurrent incoming files is, in fact, unlimited. If someone need to send a document to your virtual number, he/she has to send a fax to email. Hidden for your partners and customers the simplicity of the mechanism increases, at the same time, their confidence and improve the attitude towards you, because working with you is at times more productive than with the others.

From the point of view of application, the service can solve the following problems:

  • implement a service “fax” without the need in office space;
  • become a great way to completely eliminate the use of actual fax machine;
  • reduce the load on the telephone line.

As a result, you get a number of advantages, greatly simplifying the business and correspondence:

1. Clear structuring of documentation

Your e-mail becomes an archive, easy accessable with Internet connection. 

2. Confidentiality

In contrast to the use of a fax machine, you can be sure sure that only you and the people with appropriate permissions can access the information, because all the data is located in you email box, which is password-protected.


You can change the phisical location of your company and the virtual number remains the same.
All posts are reserved at Freeje server, so that if any unforeseen circumstances appear, you can at any time request the forwarding of all archive to another e-mail. It will take only a few minutes.

4. Simplicity and accessibility

There are no maintenance costs, no need to constantly invest in the repair and renewal of technical equipment, pay only for actual use, rather than weekly downtime.

5. 24-hour access to your fax number

The unique structure of the solution allows to receive messages any time.
A closer look at the service “virtual fax number”, allows us to answer the question: “It is a necessity or a waste of time?”. There is no doubt that this is an absolute must if you are aiming to move with the times, to get the maximum benefits without significant cost. Deciding to order this service, you get easily implemented, reliable and secure way to receive faxes through the Internet. Why complicate your life, if at hand there is so convenient and affordable service?