WWW of demo mode – what, where and why?


You have installed the Freeje app and received an email that demo mode is activated on your account. Congratulations!

Let’s see what is in Freeje demo mode and which services you can use.

Demo mode is a test period, active for 24 hours. For this period you will receive 2 trial numbers and 1 USD for calls.

What can I do for 1 USD?

1 USD is an amount enough for approximately 20 minutes of calls to any destination. This means, you have the opportunity to check the quality of communication provided by Freeje in different countries and cities calling to local and mobile numbers.

What is trial number?

Freeje demo mode provides two trial numbers – iNum number and Ohio (USA) local number.

iNum is an international number. This number uses the dialing code 883, independent of geographic location, current location, distance and borders.

Ohio number is a local US phone number that allows to call within Ohio at local rates.

Which services can I use?

With a trial number you can:

  • set the number as Caller ID (number displaying for your outgoing calls);
  • set up call forwarding to SIP or any of your phone numbers;
  • check the quality of communication, calling to any number in any country;
  • receive SMS to one of the numbers provided.

Why 24 hours?

Demo mode allows you to try our services and ensure their quality and convenience. After you complete the test mode you will have the option to save the unused positive balance on your account (the remainder of the 1 USD) – in order to do so, it is necessary to refill your balance for a minimum of 5 USD.

Do you experience any difficulties using Freeje services or have additional questions? Please, do not hesitate to contact us: info@freeje.com