A virtual fax number is a simplified method of receiving fax messages. There is no need for a telephone line and it does not chain you to the device while receiving a message. It works by the following principle:

  • You choose and register a number in any of 50 countries.
  • In the settings, you specify an email address to receive the messages.
  • All documents transferred by fax to your virtual fax number are decrypted and forwarded to your email in a PDF format.
  • If your company needs to relocate, you do not need to change the number and inform all your customers and partners — the virtual fax number does not have a residence address or any other link to your location. The number is associated only with the data you configured in the settings.
  • It is worth paying attention to the fact that you cannot use a virtual fax number to send SMS or receive regular phone calls.

Having a virtual number gives you two of the most important benefits for a business owner:


At a reasonable price, a virtual fax number saves you from the costs of paper and inks as well as from purchasing and servicing a fax equipment. At the same time, you receive all the necessary documents in no time. You can view, download and print all your fax messages at any given moment, from any computer or smartphone.


You will not get a payload in the form of spyware or viruses, which can usually be fraught with the transfer of working papers by email. Fax messages come through in a way that does not involve storing the information. In other words, they cannot be hacked or infected by malware. By sending messages to the virtual fax number, it does not have to go through third-party mailboxes but are immediately forwarded to your mail. Thus, you are completely sure of the privacy of your document exchange and can safely view and download files from any devices.



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