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Receiving a fax can give you much trouble. Freeje offers a special virtual fax number service that can be connected at any time. Now you do not have to worry about the message delivery, because all correspondence sent to the fax number will be forwarded to the email. Thanks to this, you get an additional guarantee of your confidentiality and secure delivery of the fax message.
For business purposes
The vast majority of the documentation is being sent over the local network or via the Internet. The fax contributes to a small percentage of the overall communication, so buying and maintaining the necessary equipment becomes absolutely pointless. Free yourself from a pile of paper and unnecessary problems by receiving faxes via email. Connecting the Fax number service is very simple. Being permanently attached to the office is no longer necessary, it is enough to connect to the world wide web, access the email box and start the work safely, wherever you are. Note, even if your company changes its address, the fax number will remain the same.
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