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Long term number rental

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Secure message delivery

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For personal use
Using a real number puts your personal data at risk, you become a prey for annoying spammers and scammers. Renting an SMS number is an alternative virtual service that allows you to connect an unlimited quantity of virtual numbers and receive messages. There are a lot of features that contribute to secure message delivery, providing a convenient and reliable means of authorization at any given moment: lack of georeference, independence from the operator's network and receiving SMS via your phone or your email.
For business purposes
The best way to organize the workflow is to create a corporate email box. Its creation will require a verification number that will be used for recovery. Regular numbers are extremely unreliable for these purposes, because a loss of the physical SIM card completely blocks access to the box and can become a tool for cybercriminals. For instance, SMS number eliminates issues of this character. The operating principle of the virtual service guarantees a simple and fast authorization, and the possibility of permanent rental of the number excludes the possibility of it being used by someone else. As a result, you get the fastest access to your data and you can be sure about its safety.
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