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Freeje voice numbers allow receiving calls in more than 100 countries at the rates of local telecom operators and without the need to purchase SIM-cards.

Open yourself to:

  • Communicating in overseas travel at the rates of ordinary telephone conversations.
  • Creating local offices in new regions without the actual establishment costs.
  • Negotiating between partners and employees in various cities and countries by only paying local tariffs.
  • Saving on international calls to family and friends.

Be available to make phone calls anywhere in the world, while giving the person on the other end the guarantee that you are within his or her city! Our service implies having access to the Internet or telephone network, both landline, and mobile.

Unlike other similar solutions, the Freeje voice number does not require an investment in expensive software and hardware. You accept an incoming call in our mobile application or you set up call forwarding to any direction: mobile, work, SIP-phone, call-center or another number. Advance call processing scenarios are available: on a delay in the absence of an answer, on a busy line and under any other conditions.

After registering in the application or on the website and replenishing the balance you get:

Activated city or mobile phone number in the selected country.

Calls at local rates for your partners, customers, friends, family.

Sweet prices with per second or per minute billing.

The ability to connect voicemail or voice greeting with an interactive menu (IVR).

Access to statistics, call records, and billing information in the mobile application and in your account on the site.

Confidentiality of conversations due to encryption of incoming and outgoing traffic.

The ability to simultaneously receive multiple calls to one number by connecting a multi-channel line, with the option of increasing the number of channels if necessary.

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