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There is no room for mistakes in the sphere of customer service. The more advanced is the system, the less chances remains for an interruption at the most important stage - the processing of incoming calls. Failures often happen due to attempts to reduce the cost of technology, to save on expensive equipment and its maintenance. The question of deploying a call-center network is highly important too. Technical implementation of such systems within large companies and their further scaling require additional financial injections, more time and extended human resources. When organizing work with the participation of remote employees, there are difficulties with their coordination, control and configuration of equipment in the field. Given the specifics of this area, we offer a software package that was specially designed for these purposes. Not only does it improve the quality of service and interactivity, but it also allows you to forget about unnecessary spendings.
The business offer "Software for the call center" includes functionality, which allows implementation of an effective system within a company of any size. Our offer and services allow you to handle calls with maximum efficiency and comfort for your customers. Deployment and organization of the network occur virtually and are exclusively under the control of our employees, without any unnecessary costs for you. The Freeje app is the only thing you need to organize the workstation of a remote employee of your call center and manage personnel from anywhere in the world, with no additional tools needed. There is no need for special skills and training to use the software, while its installation and configuration will take up little of your time. The package includes the following services and functions: Freeje, unlimited number of SIP accounts, multichannel numbers, toll-free numbers, voice menu, IVR recording, conditional redirecting, internal numbers, call recording, API for statistics, Caller ID.


An app for virtual communication supporting all functions necessary for setting up a call-center. Allows you to manage remote employees and organize their work on the field.

Unlimited number of SIP accounts

A SIP account is a profile for operator identification. It assigns each operator a personal number to work within the call processing system. Using SIP accounts allows you to organize a distributed network within the call center, with a possibility for rapid expansion.

Multichannel numbers

Each number supports a certain number of channels, through which you can simultaneously serve the appropriate number of subscribers. These numbers allow you to receive several calls without using a separate number to handle each call.

A toll-free number

A multichannel number, free for the caller. It can be applied at hot lines of delivery services, technical support and online stores, when it is necessary to organize free feedback for customers.

Voice menu

A service used for client self-service without operator involvement. Allows to provide users with all the necessary information on the most common questions, reducing the load on the call center and decreasing the chance of losing the client.

IVR recording

A tool for registration of voice menu items with voice accompaniment, musical inserts and effects. Allows you to achieve the necessary interactivity when setting up the Voice menu routing.

Conditional redirecting

Call forwarding that is activated under a certain condition (unavailability of the called subscriber, if the subscriber does not answer or talking with someone). With this type of redirection, you can flexibly manage incoming calls, reducing the chance to miss a call.

Internal numbers

The function that allows to organize a unified numbering of all employees of the call center, including remote ones. Allows you to quickly communicate with specific employees within the network.

Сall recording

A special service for call-centers that implements the ability to record conversations. Provides quality control of customer service.

API for statistics

The program interface for obtaining qualitative indicators of the call-center. Provides the necessary statistical information for further optimization and debugging of the workflow.

Caller ID

Identifies the purchased number for outgoing calls (not supported by toll-free numbers). Allows the client to identify the number of your company, and if he does not know the number, he will be able to call back to clarify the information.

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