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The achievements of the company directly depend on the coherence of actions within the team. But if the company has dozens of employees, it is unlikely that they will work in the same room or even under the same roof, and some tasks may require remote employees.

There is a need to purchase special equipment and reorganize the communication network both in the office and out of it, which entails additional difficulties:

  • Expenses for maintenance and repair.
  • Complex network structure will affect the communication effectiveness.
  • Expansion of staff will entail spending on equipping new jobs.

But all this can be avoided. Freeje offers virtual services for more convenient and effective solution for organizing corporate communications.

In order to start working in the corporate network, each employee is assigned a personal SIP account that can be contacted using internal numbers. Due to the lack of territorial connection, you get the opportunity to include remote employees in it, as well as to make changes quickly. Multichannel numbers in combination with voice menu, forwarding and voicemail, increase the speed of information exchange, and the Freeje app provides reliable management and monitoring of work. A conference call service is provided for the conduct of remote meetings and discussions.

The organization of corporate communication on this principles provides the following advantages:

  • Increase in productivity through effective organization of the communication process within the company.
  • No purchase of special equipment is required, the fee is paid only for the use of services.
  • Ability to hold online conferences and meetings.

The offered package includes: unlimited number of SIP accounts, internal numbers, multi-channel numbers, conference calls, IVR, voice menu, Freeje App, conditional forwarding and voice mail.


Freeje App

Mobile app for remote corporate work. Provides the inclusion of employees who move a lot or work remotely in the company's network for operational communication with them.

Multichannel number

A number that supports several channels and serving as an access point for participants of a conference call. Allows you to organize a conference call both between employees of the company, and with your partners.

SIP account

A personal profile that identifies each employee within the corporate communication system. Allows to organize a distributed corporate network within the company with the possibility of flexible expansion.


A tool for interactive design of the corporate network. Allows using voice and audio inserts to stylistically design the routing system, making it as user-friendly as possible for company employees.

Internal numbering

Function that allows to organize a single numbering system for all employees, including remote ones. Allows you to contact a specific employee within the network.

Conference calls

A service that allows organizing a communication channel between three or more subscribers. Used to conduct corporate meetings of company employees with the possibility of adding or excluding participants, as well as the merging several conferences.

Voice mail

Service for recording calls and subsequent sending of the recording to your e-mail. Allows you to serve customers offline, if you can not receive a phone call.

Conditional redirecting

Forwarding of incoming calls under one of the conditions: the subscriber is not available, the subscriber does not respond or the subscriber is busy at the moment. Provides flexible call control, reducing the risk of missing a call.

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