However, a majority of client prospects are still not used to getting services from abroad with consistent quality.. An almost closed deal can be canceled due to any perceived inconvenience in the upcoming warranty period: from unmatched time zones to the unavailability of specialists they can talk to. An efficient solution to this problem is integrating VoIP services and online SMS communication server into sales processes.

Consider an example from the Freeje experience.


A development company based in the UK launched a new software product to the US and South American markets. A number of problems reduced the profits significantly and created an extra burden on the staff. These problems include the following

The number of people who participated in product testing was limited. It was the reason why not all bugs were detected. Error correction at the production stage entailed unnecessary costs, reducing the profitability of the business.

The sales department had problems with lead generation and lead nurturing due to the use of a single Travel SIM number for all countries and cities. This r created an impression of incompetent service due to missing local offices.

In addition, another problem was identified with a misunderstanding of the call rates and tariff terms, i.e. who pays for the call and how much.

What Freeje solutions did the company used for the next launch and why?

SMS number

It makes customers feel important which offers the perfect opportunity to collect data for statistics and research. For example, you can offer the customers to send a message in their behalf to a specified number once they find a problem in the product or want to suggest edits. This is an important point during the beta testing of the product.

Virtual number

It allows you to select the number and code of any country. And by creating the appearance of the presence of the company’s branch in the selected cities, this service will become simply indispensable after the official release of the product and at the stage of its promotion.

Toll-free 800 number

A toll-free hotline number improves product customer support and increases their confidence in the company’s reliability.

Freeje experts will help set up the system and provide the necessary training. The success of integration is insured by a series of Q&A sessions with the company’s owners.



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