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If you are looking for an effective way of direct marketing, then it is in front of you. What can be safer than sending SMS directly to the client? You simply send a short text, and the potential buyer is already in a hurry to place an order. Instant response. Easily implemented mechanism. Now it's easier to organize SMS sending than to send a message to a friend, the main thing is to have the right tool with you.

Our tool provides the following functions:

  • Prompt notification of customers about promotions, events, special offers.
  • Simultaneous sending of messages to all numbers from the list.
  • Reducing the load on the telephone network.
  • The presence of a number without the possibility of feedback.

The offer by Freeje allows you to solve all these tasks at once, keeping the bar for your company’s marketing high.


SMS distribution service by Freeje is a virtual service that allows you to implement a mass notification mechanism.

  • The whole process is managed in the My Account tab of ​​our site. Thus, you get rid of the need to sit with a phone in your hands and manually type in the required numbers. You can do it many times faster with the programming interface.
  • You cover a much larger audience that you have previously united into one list and you have uploaded to My Account tab for distribution.
  • You can connect several numbers at once, and use each for specific tasks.
  • Renting the required number from an existing list of countries and regions allows you to conduct marketing companies remotely around the world.
  • By using an additional channel exclusively for advertising purposes, you reduce the load on the main telephone network.

As a result, you get an effective way to inform your customers and increase their loyalty, while improving your company's productivity.

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