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If your service does not have SMS verification, then the level of trust to it will be extremely low. This is reality, and it is fully justified. People entrust their confidential data to you and have the right to demand some guarantees in return. Account hacking can take a few minutes, if not seconds, and there is no alternative via SMS in this case. On the other hand, you increase your own confidence in the authenticity of the information provided.
Thirdly, what to do when the desired client is on the hook? How to transform his status into “permanent client”? The solution lies on the surface. Use the triggering SMS-notification!
Finally, why not combine everything into one programming interface that would easily integrate into any system - this is how we created an SMS API.
SMS API is an indispensable tool in the field of marketing promotion and data protection. The vast majority of large companies have been using two-factor authentication based on SMS verification to protect their systems for a long time. Now this service is available to you. The SMS API developed by us will allow not only to identify and secure users of your service, but also to organize an operational information process.

The SMS API solves the following tasks:

  • User data protection with SMS authorization;
  • Organization of customer service without the participation of operators;
  • Address SMS-informing about existing offers, promotions, events based on the trigger mechanism.


Program interface for managing system security and trigger sending via SMS. Allows to automate interaction with users, setting up a clear process of their authenticating and notificating.

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