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What is good about the virtual services market? You can gain profits literally on everything. Your product is in demand - you win. Advertising does its thing - and a flow of customers. The monetary counter gradually approaches its maximum. Wait! Is that all for real? How about you make money on your customers' clients? The telephone implementation of Online services provides such an opportunity. This technology does not pretend to be a novelty. And even more, many services initially support the API for connecting third-party PBXs. But what kind of beast it is and how to tame it? It is known only by some people. It is not necessary to talk about the financial benefits of such superintendences at all. Freeje completely changes the rules of the game. Our telephony solution allows you to not only increase the functionality of your product, favorably allocating it against the background of competitors, but also to get an additional source of revenue from providing telecommunications services on your behalf.
What is the telephone implementation of Online services by Freeje? We offer a virtual set of services, APIs and add-ons that ensure the rapid deployment of the communication network and its further delegation to your customers.

You will have all the necessary functions at your disposal:

  • Multiple channels.
  • Voice menu.
  • Conference calls.
  • Black and white lists.
  • Conditional forwarding.
  • Interactive functions, etc.

Thus, you provide your customers with full communication from the service while simultaneously receiving a number of additional benefits:

  • Possibility to charge for the provision of telephony services.
  • All services and APIs are easily integrated into any type of software environment.
  • The use of virtual technologies makes it possible to organize the work of your personnel in the shortest possible time, in order to quickly manage and control the online activity within the telephone network.
  • Network management occurs through the API or in a personal account, which allows you to manage the process remotely.
  • IVR, CallerID and CallBack API services allow you to personalize the communication channel, provide customers with the "One-Click Call" function and the ability to substitute a number or name id for their outgoing calls.

Multichannel number

A number that supports several channels and serving as an access point for participants of a conference call. Allows you to organize a conference call both between employees of the company, and with your partners.

Callback API

The interface that performs the functions of feedback. Allows making calls in one click.


A tool for interactive design of the incoming calls to inside numbers of your service. Allows using voice and sound inserts to make incoming calls to virtual numbers connected by your customers.

Black and white lists

A function that allows you to create a separate database of numbers for clients of a particular group. The black list blocks calls from the specified numbers, and the white one blocks the numbers that do not fall into a specified category.

Conference calls

A service that allows organizing a communication channel between three or more subscribers. Used to conduct corporate meetings of company employees with the possibility of adding or excluding participants, as well as the merging several conferences.

Voice menu

A service used for client self-service without operator involvement. Allows to provide users with all the necessary information on the most common questions, reducing the load on the call center and decreasing the chance of losing the client.

Conditional redirecting

Forwarding of incoming calls under one of the conditions: the subscriber is not available, the subscriber does not respond or the subscriber is busy at the moment. Allows you to serve customers offline, if the called number is busy.

Сall recording

The function of recording telephone conversations. Provides quality control of customer service.

Internal numbers

The function that allows to organize a unified numbering of all employees of the call center, including remote ones. Allows you to connect with any employee within the network.

Caller ID

Identifies the purchased number for outgoing calls. Caller ID feature allows the client to identify your number.

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