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We deal with customers issues on everyday basis, and this requires a direct involvement of the management of the company or its divisions. But if you pay attention to everyone, then there will not be any time left for management questions and developing the product. VIP service comes at hand. It forwards only the most important customer calls directly to the director or department manager while the rest is redirected to the company's call center or voice mail. To service numbers with VIP status, we suggest using a solution by Freeje.
The solutionsage includes: multi-channel numbers, toll-free number, black and white lists, voice mail and conditional forwarding. Each service is aimed at solving specific tasks for servicing VIP clients. The basis is a multi-channel number (toll-free or geographic) that allows you to receive multiple calls at the same time, eliminating the chance to miss a call from an important customer. Then there is created a database of privileged users (black and white lists). Such calls will be directed to management or to a personal manager while calls from other clients will be redirected. Their calls will be recorded by voice mail and queued.

Using this mechanism provides the following benefits:

  • Reducing the load on employees with a rational call distribution.
  • Increasing the loyalty of important customers thanks to direct contact with management and leading managers of the company.
  • High speed deployment within any business structure, the possibility for remote management and configuration.

Multi-channel number

Each number supports a certain number of channels, through which you can simultaneously serve an appropriate number of subscribers. Allows you to organize a distributed communication system with no additional numbers.

A toll-free number

Multichannel number, incoming calls are paid by its owner. Allows customers to submit their feedback for free.

Black and white lists

A function that allows you to create a separate database for VIP clients. The black list blocks calls from the specified numbers, and the white one blocks the numbers that do not fall into a specified category.

Voice mail

Service for recording calls and subsequent sending of the recording to your e-mail. Allows you to serve customers offline, if you can not receive a phone call.

Conditional redirecting

Forwarding of incoming calls under one of the conditions: the subscriber is not available, the subscriber does not respond or the subscriber is busy at the moment. Provides flexible call control, reducing the risk of missing a call.

Internal numbers

This feature makes organization of a single numbering of all employees, including remote ones possible. Allows you to contact a specific employee within the network.

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