Table of Contents:

1. Registration

2. Balance refill

3. Side menu

4. Outgoing calls

5. Incoming calls (Call forwarding)

6. Virtual numbers setup

7. My SIM

8. Support

9. Virtual SIM

Detailed instruction:

1. Registration 

Tap the Freeje tile and click “Register”. In the window that opens, enter a phone number address and email. You will receive a message with a confirmation code to the specified phone number and email address.

If you installed the app on your smartphone – SMS with a confirmation code will be processed automatically by the application.registration rus

You can also register using the Google account. If you have just one Google account set on your smartphone, Freeje will automatically register you in the application using the specified Google account email. If you have several accounts, the system will prompt you to choose which one to use for logging.

To complete the registration you will be asked to enter your phone number and confirm it with a digit code from SMS or via phone call.sign in rus

After completing the registration, you will receive an email and an SMS with account sign in information (login and password).
Once registration is completed you will see the following message:registration rus

If you reset all settings on the smartphone, reinstall the application or change a device to sign into the application use your login and password provided to you upon registration or use your Google-account.

To start using all advantages of Freeje you need to recharge your balance.
Take a note: all new users can test Freeje in the Demo mode. For 24 hours you will be provided with two virtual numbers and a certain amount of money.

2. Balance refill

To refill the balance, refer to “Menu” (icon-burger) in the upper left corner of the screen. Press “Refill”. Enter the desired sum and click one of the currently available payment methods. The system will redirect you to the appropriate site of the payment system.recharge rus

After the balance is refilled, you will be able to use all Freeje services.

3. Side menu

In the side Menu the following functions are available:

  • Caller ID – a number that is displayed for the subscribers who accept the call from you;
  • Call statistics – displays the statistics of outgoing calls;
  • My SIM;
  • Support – an opportunity to address in an online chat, call or write to the support team;
  • Settings – country of residence, your password, call recording;
  • “Share” button.

menu positive balance rus

4. Outgoing calls

To make a call, go back to the dailer tab.

Select the type of call (the icon with a pipe, to the right of the number “0”), dial the number and press the call type rus

Take a note:  you can find a detailed information on call types – here.

5. Incoming calls (call forwarding)

After buying additional numbers, you will have the opportunity to redirect all incoming calls. You just have to choose the most convenient way of call forwarding: on Freeje account, on your phone number or to SIP account..
In order to do this, go to a “Numbers” tab, select the number you are interested in. Then go to “Settings” screen, click on the “Call Forwarding” and select the desired direction of forwarding.callforwarding1 rus

You can select two consecutive directions of call forwarding.callforwarding2 rus

Take a note: the option “Timeout” is the duration of the dial to the specified direction of forwarding. The recommended minimum value is 25 seconds.

In forwarding settings it is also possible to activate the voice mail service. This service allows a subscriber who does not get through to your virtual number to leave a voice message. The recorded voice message will be sent to your email.

Take a note: in the app the “Follow me” service is activated by default. This service allows you to receive callls on all your activated virtual numbers when you are connected to the Internet.

6. Virtual numbers setup

To set up a virtual number, go to the “Numbers” tab (handset icon). Click the green Add (+) button. Now select the type of number you want to connect (voice number, SMS number, fax number, Toll-free (800), Virtual SIM).add first did rus

From the list that appears, select the country you are interested in (by alphabetical index, or the code of the country) and the city. After that, Freeje show you a list of available numbers. Select the number, period of use of the service, and then click on a button with a cart. If you do not have enough money on your accoun to complete the purchase, you will be asked to refill the balance. purchase rus

Numbers are activated within 24 hours after purchase.

Take a note: legislation of a number of countries requires the provision of the documents confirming the identity of the user for the purchase of a number. Learn more about the required documents – here.

After you purchased and activated a virtual number, it appears in the “Numbers” tab with the status “Active”.

7. My SIM

In the “My SIM” section, there is a list of all the confirmed numberes of your SIM-cards. To add a new number, select the “My SIM” in the side menu, click on the Add button (+) enter the new number and confirm it using the code from the SMS. If the SIM-card you would like to confirm is inserted in this device, the number will be verifid automatically. If you want to confirm the SIM-card, installed in another device, then the code from the SMS must be entered sim rus

Take a note: if you have not received an SMS with a verification code, you can confirm the phone number with a call. To do this, click on the number with the status “not verified” and select “Confirm call number”. If confirmed SIM-card is inserted in another device, you need to reject the incoming call. When you reject a call, our system will record your number in the database.
Any confirmed phone number assigned to an appropriate SIM-card can be selected as an active account number. The corresponding status will appear under the number.
Active number is the number accepting incoming SIP calls in application.

Take a note: if your device has 2 slots for SIM-cards, the priority will be given to the first slot. For application to work correctly, you should install and use your active SIM-card in the first slot.

If you do not use the previously confirmed SIM-card, you can remove it by clicking on the number it is assigned to and selecting “Delete”.

8. Support

If you have any questions, you can contact our technical support using one of the available in the app methods.
Go to the side menu and select “Support”. Then, choose the most convenient way for you to contact us: “CHAT”, “EMAIL” or “CALL”.support rus

9. Virtual SIM

To activate the “Virtual SIM” service you should go to “Numbers” tab, click on the ADD (+) button and on the “Type of the number” screen select “Virtual SIM”.

Take a note: you should have a USB-modem to use this service.

You will receive an email with instructions on how to activate the service on your email. 

virtual sim dialog engl

Open your email and follow the step by step setup rus

Take a note: All installation files must be run with administrator rights.

First, install the .Net Framework 3.5 package, then SipGate Setup. Confirm all system requests and verifications, wait until the installation is completed

After the installation, insert the SIM-card you would like to use as a virtual number into your USB-modem. 

Take a note: SIM-card PIN-code verification should always be turned off before installing into the modem. You can turn off the PIN-code verification in mobile phone menu.

After installing the SIM-card into the modem plug it into a free USB-port and wait for 5 minutes to initialize the service.

Then, confirm your SIM-card number. To do this, go to Freeje application, choose the “Numbers” tab and click on the number that starts with the characters “imsi:”.confirm imsi of virtual sim rus

In the window that opens, enter the phone number of a SIM-card inserted into the modem (please, use the international format) and click on “CONFIRMATION” button.

Take a note: we do not recommend to use the same SIM-card you specified when registered at Freeje account, as this may affect the correct operation of forwarding in Virtual SIM.

Number confirmation takes about 25 seconds. After it is completed, Virtual SIM number becomes active immediately with a proper notification.

If the test is completed with an error, you can click on the number again, re-enter the SIM-card number, and repeat the procedure.

To use the SIM-card installed in your modem, you need to select its number in the list of available Caller ID numbers.caller id virt sim rus

You can manage the Virtual SIM incoming call forwarding settings at “Numbers” tab. You should click on the number to change the settings.

Call forwarding set up is described in detail in the “Incoming calls (call forwarding)” section.

Good luck!

Instructions for iOS devices you can find here.